Improvement Daedalus Performance of Blockchain Synchronization

Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to file a software improvement.

In Daedalus the download of the Cardano Blockchain is quite slow from Germany. The download speed on my computer was around 1.6MB/s but my total download speed is up to 8MB/s.
On another computer I run a 2nd Daedalus Wallet.
I think it would be good to support LAN syncronization to speed up the sync of the blocks between multiple Daedalus wallets within the same local network.

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Good idea! - but until you can define local addresses as sync node, even faster just to copy the blockchain from the 1st wallet to the 2nd.

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Thanks I am aware of the workaround hack. I think that scares off DAU Users (Dumbest Assumable User). An option in the wallet to allow LAN Sync can give the user control.

in linux you can find the topology.yaml file under .daedalus/nix/store-XXX-node-cfg-files/topology.yaml
There you can add more nodes the wallet can sync with.
The port of a running Daedalus wallet can be checked under Help->Cardano Diagnostics - Cardano Wallet port

yeah would be great to insert more remote node address via Daedalus, but at least you can edit the topology.yaml file

Cool, but this doesn’t seem to work on MacOS.

Could you find the topology.yaml file?

The file and “store-XXX-node-cfg-files” directory doesn’t exist on my mintlinux installation.

The file does not exist on Mac. I searched the entire hard drive.

You can submit a request at under Get Support

just crated a topic with detailed instruction about how to modify the topology file:

@Paul_Kiman later will figure out where the file is located in Mac