In 2019 sent my ADA to LedgerNanoS and now 0 ADA balance when I reconnect ledger

Not ada wallet, on ledger live u can see/manage ledger firmware, cardano app,etc

Yes ada wallet can be managed with daedalus, yoroi, adalite

It can be possible to have another ledger device? one guy had 2 trezor hw devices and he connected the wrong one

Hey @terza , it is possible that you used Ledger passphrase to secure your wallet back in 2019? In that case, you need to use this passphrase to unlock the wallet that holds the funds. Please note - you wont be notified by Ledger that you entered the correct password! You need to manually check every possible password that you could have used. Every password you use will open another wallet. Check this information to find out more about Ledger passphrase:


@Alexd1985 no, I only have one ledger.

@AdaLite Just checked my keepass for ledger, only 24 word seed and pin. I have not used passphrase nor was I prompted for one.

I either was stupid enough to send my ADA to some other wallet that is not Ledger(but I know I verified it, the balance was there), its even bookmarked in chrome as ADA-Ledger as link to cardano explorer :slight_smile:
but I dont believe this, Ledger changed its key while restore and is now pointing to some other ADA address…

Either way, my ADA is most probably gone.(some 70% of portfolio :expressionless: )

Man, contact ledger support… restoring the ledger wallet should not affect ur funds… think if your ledger hw will crash and u will want to replace it…or if u forget the password… that’s why they provided 24 seed words, to restore ur wallet

Did u contact them?

yes, submitted ticket yesterday, as you suggested. I know it should not, and do believe more to tech in ledger then me, it most probably is some stupid mistake of mine…
Lets see what I can do with their support once they reply back.

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I think I’m facing same issue… were you able to solve it?