Integrated yoroi into daedalus but forgot how to

This website -someone on it helped me to see my balance (ADA) on a Yoroi wallet which was in Daedalus as my daedalus wallet was never fully downloading. I have forgotten what I did and I am sure Yoroi did not give me a 15 word passphrase. I just used to Daedalus passphrase. I am very particular about writing these things down. Now it asked to create a new yoroi and gave a 15 word passphrase. I think my yoroi and daedalus had been integrated with each other PLEASE HELP

You need to create a wallet in Yoroi first and then use the “transfer from another wallet” feature in Yoroi to transfer your ADA from your Daedalus wallet to your Yoroi wallet. This doesn’t integrate the wallets. It transfers all your ADA out of your Daedalus wallet and into your Yoroi wallet.

Just for curiosity. Is there a reason for Yoroi and Daedalus wallets to be made incompatible?

The way addresses work in the original version of Daedalus was designed for a wallet connected to a fullnode and not for light clients. To make light clients more efficient, IOHK designed a version 2 that worked well with light clients which is what Yoroi used.

For Shelley, we standardized both wallets so that they now use the same addresses.

Thanks! yes! It worked!!

While I am at it, will wallet compatibility extend to ledger?
This probably is far fetched but I am also thinking how it would be with smart contracts for example storing identity smart contract. Will yoroi extend it’s functionality from simply being an ADA wallet?

How can I transfer from Daedalus to Yoroi when Daedalus had a 12 word passphrase and Yoroi a 15 word 15 passphrase?

Thanks a lot for answering.

In Byron you can not. You can transfer the funds to a wallet in Yoroi. That means you have to create new wallet in Yoroi. But in shelly that is resloved as indicated above.