Re: Byron-era Icarus/Yoroi Wallet

I noticed when I open up my Yoroi Wallet, there is a new option to transfer funds to Byron-era Icarus/Yoroi Wallet. I have a couple of questions

  1. Can I still use the Yoroi Wallet I setup during the first half of 2019
  2. If I need to transfer funds to Byron-era Icarus/Yoroi Wallet, it asks for 15-word passphrase but when I setup my Yoroi with Ledger Nano S and I don’t think 15-word passphrase was given to me. What should I do when I want to transfer my funds?

Thank you

Hi jiangh77,

You will only need to restore your wallet using your Ledger Nano S and all of your ADA will be restored. I am not sure if when you restore Yoroi with the Ledger if it will automatically be on Byron. Regardless your Ada is well protected and not lost since you are using a Ledger device. You may just have to figure out how to transfer Ada to the correct location.

  1. Yes

  2. Don’t transfer anything!!!

Yoroi and hardware wallets will just receive a software update to stake. Nothing else

Thank you so much, I was a little bit confused

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You’re welcome

i’m having the same problem. i can’t even see my balance. I used daedalus and didn’t have this problem. Yoroi/ledge should help fix this issue. any comment?

Can you please start a new thread detailing what issue you’re having. I’m sure people will guide you through what to do