Internet browser

what kind of browser do you use or recommend? cardano light wallet is only for chrome. do you think that suggests chrome browser is most stable/secure/ reliable etc.??? they didnt make it possible for firefox or vivaldi… so called privacy oriented browsers. any reason why? anybody knows something? share your knowlede please.
why did cardano choose chrome browser which is known for spying on its users…

Yoroi can be used almost with any chromium-based browsers that support extensions: Chrome is officially supported, Yandex and Brave are tested by community, etc.

There are plans to make Yoroi also available for Firefox and possibly other browsers, and also for mobile platforms.

Chrome was just a natural choice as the most popular platform. The same why Daedalus was built for WIndows and Mac first, and not for Linux. Most concern is non-technical mass-users (who already massively use Chrome). All technically savvy users who don’t like chrome can test other chromium builds or even create their own. And all non-technical users who don’t like Chrome have to use Yandex/Brave or wait for non-chromium platforms to be supported.


i see… idiots first. ty for your reply

Thank you for your generous opinion


try Guarda wallet, it’s available in any browser afaik. In case of questions - you can address me