Internet requirements for stacking pool

Hello people, i wanted to ask how fast internet should i have to operate a stacking pool?
Because in my country the internet providers are mad they offer a mad packages of internet…

I mean the speed is 100mbps for download and 5mbps for upload… Is that enough to run a stacking pool?
And what is the minimum requirements for the next 2 years because i won’t be able to change it without paying penalties to the internet provider…

Thank you

There’s a couple of sources for info, but 5 mpbs upload is probably a bit slow, especially if you are using your connection for other purposes too.

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should be enough


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I will use this internet just for the cardano stacking pool.

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ok i found internet with speed of 60mbps download and 30mbps upload with limitation of 3TB per month download/upload… Will this be enough? Cant believe in my country if you want to make something they give you a limit… Classic morons…

i guess this will be ok for the cardano pool but i would be grateful if someone could confirm this. thank you

Yeah, that should be ok. The first time you sync your nodes you’ll go through a lot of download data, but once you’re synced, it won’t need too much.

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