Intersect IRS 501c6 form 1024 filing?

After guessing IOG may have incorporated in either Colorado or Wyoming I went looking:

Search: “intersect”

And… First entry:

Looks like a nonprofit corporation led by IOG staff at an IOG mailing address “ionosphere”. Because the Intersect nonprofit corporation is listed as “in good tax standing” that means they must have filed an IRS 1024 501c6 application last summer.

Who wants to know the answers to questions including:

Section 3 : Your Activities

Describe completely and in detail your past, present, and planned activities. Do not refer to or repeat the purposes in your organizing document or speculate about potential future programs. Your narrative description of activities should be thorough and accurate because we determine whether you qualify for exempt status based on the information in your application. For each past, present, or planned activity, include information that answers the following questions:
• What is the activity?
• Who conducts the activity?
• Where is the activity conducted?
• What percentage of your total time is allocated to the activity?
• How is the activity funded (for example, donations, fees, etc.) and what percentage of your overall expenses is allocated to this activity?
• How does the activity further your exempt purposes?

Do you have members? If “Yes,” state your membership requirements, your classes of membership, the number of members in each class, and the voting rights or privileges associated with each class. If any group or class of persons is required to join, describe the requirement and explain the relationship between those members and members who join voluntarily.

Have you or will you issue capital stock? If “Yes,” state the class or classes of stock, number and par value of the shares, consideration for which stock was issued, and if any dividends have been or will be paid.

Do you share board members or other key personnel with the recipient organizations? If “Yes,” identify the

Section 4 : Compensation and Other Financial Arrangements

Do you or will you compensate your officers, directors, trustees, employees, members, or independent contractors?

Do or will the individuals that approve compensation arrangements follow a conflict of interest policy? If “No,” describe how you set compensation that is reasonable.

Do you or will you compensate any of your officers, directors, trustees, employees, members, or independent
contractors through nonfixed payments, such as discretionary bonuses or revenue-based payments?

Do you or will you purchase or sell any goods, services, or assets from or to […]

Do you or will you have any leases, contracts, loans, or other agreements with: (i) your officers, directors, or
trustees; (ii) any family of any of your officers, directors, or trustees […]

Part 5 : Financial Data : Statement of Revenues and Expenses


definitly interested in these questions/answers.


Great initiative michael. Very intrested to know more.

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Can you imagine the ‘nonprofit’ 501c6 Intersect MBO corporation getting equally as complicated as the OpenAI and Microsoft structure?! Without seeing IRS filing form 1024 there is no way to know.