Intersect June update - MENA Townhall

The project aims to enhance engagement within the Cardano community by establishing and optimizing monthly town hall meetings until December 2024. With a focus on inclusivity and adaptability, there will be collaboration with Intersect to curate diverse topics and formats for each meeting, ensuring relevance to the global/ MENA Cardano community. Through thoughtful and creative approaches, the project will be making participation in Cardano governance and interaction with Intersect accessible to individuals worldwide.

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Rami : hello hope all is well so I hope you all can hear me very clearly

Chadi : yep can hear you

Rami : just to bear in mind, this meeting is recorded, at some point if someone wants to say something that they would like me to remove later on, you guys can tell me, and I can edit it out of the recording of the video because we will be posting this video on YouTube in order for intersect team and the community to see later on, so that’s all I had to. Juana, the floor is yours and thank you again everyone for being able to make time to be here.

Juana : good morning everyone sorry I actually got mixed with the time so I’m outside I thought this was an hour later but it works out, how’s everyone doing it’s good to see everyone yeah thank you Rami for giving me the space I just wanted to give you guys a quick update about the things I’ve been involved in with intersect, and then there’s the interim constitutional committee elections happening soon um, so I think you guys are aware of intersect and I will talk a lot more about that, but from my side I’ve been a member on the membership and Community Committee ( MCC), since the beginning and that’s the committee that’s responsible for membership sales for the community, for all of those things and then I’m also on the community Advisory Board um and this board is just acting like ln between the board of directors ,the steering committee, and the actual committee and I was elected to sit as an observer on the board of directors so I’ve been attending the board of director meetings uh for intersect, as well so been very interesting um eventually there will be two elected or the number will be I think finalized soon but um seats that are specific for members from the community to sit on the board of directors at intersect, so that’s very exciting, and I think this will mostly be finalized in the annual general meeting in October, but for the interim constitutional Committee of cardano, um as we know within the voltaire era and CIP 1694 there’s three governing bodies so there’s the Constitutional committee um that pretty much makes sure that whatever decision is to be enacted does not um go against anything that’s in the cardano Constitution, and then there’s the Drep, and then there’s the stakeholders/ pool operators, so now there’s The stakeholder Operators, they are already existing there’s many that are um being formed so we are also building a Community Drep but then you can also be like a Drep individual um and then there’s the Constitution committee so right now they’re holding an election for interim constitutional committee members so just like an interim period, I think it would be like a year um to pretty much sit and uh set precedence for how this committee will work and how the decisions to to uh that that would be ratified either like whether against the Constitution um, so initially when I reached out to everyone in the chat um there was a group forming called the cardano Confederation and on the side um a couple of us were thinking of creating an alliance for emerging economies um so we were thinking Middle East and North Africa, Africa and the Latin American community and then things happened really fast and we joined with the cardano Confederation and that’s when I asked if you guys think MENA Community should be a part of this, and a lot of people said yeah that’s a great idea um but just like with a lot of things sometimes they move too fast, after having a bit more discussions a couple of us felt like it might not be the right time now to um nominate ourselves for the Constitutional Committee just because there’s not enough time to get um the type of representation that we need; however so the emerging economies Alliance kind of like split from that and just said you know what we’ll wait maybe for the next round just to make sure that we’re a bit more ready and the processes are more in place um ,so there is the update that I wanted to give you guys however I do think that from now till then it would be very good and I think important for us as the MENA Community to have more governance meetings together and see how we want to strengthen like being in an alliance with other emerging economies, how do we want you know our voices to be present when um decisions are being made or not because when it comes to interpreting if something is you know uh goes against anything in the Constitution, there’s a lot of different interpretations and I think like especially how our countries are governed and how we are used to things, there’s a lot of nuances that we might not speak you know, other countries might think some decisions should be made and we would think otherwise, so yeah I think this is mostly the update we are really like trying to build these like communities and alliances and uh work together on like maybe representing um emerging economies’ seats in the in the next election, not the interim phase, the actual election for the Constitutional committee so it would be cool if we start working on something like this together, and seeing how we can form like a sub Circle um to represent like what we think and how we would interpret different decisions, yeah but I’ll still be here uh if you guys have any questions or yeah anything any comments thank you.

Rami : thank you for all this information it’s a nice opening to get us all in the mood of what’s happening around the space and uh if I’m not mistaken right now uh intersect just posted on their Twitter account on their X account uh, that elections are open that elections are going on,
Juana : voting is open now actually voting I think in like 45 minutes from now there’s a Twitter space where a lot of the nominees will have three minutes to discuss with Charles their like nomination

Rami : so that would be good I do thank you again Juana it’s very early where you are uh thank you for being able to be here uh really appreciate it

Juana : it’s not that early but it’s just been a little crazy but yeah thank you for setting this up I hope we continue to have more of these conversations because I actually wanted to ask you guys another question like in your opinion how can we um like incentivize more participation for our community, I know governance discussions can be quite boring um but in general like what do you guys think we can do to encourage more people to participate and like be part of more conversations um because I think now is the time where like some sort of representation is very important um so if you guys have any ideas on that can work together on making things happen

Rami : yeah, as for me I’m definitely going ahead and doing these meetings once a month to summarize and to keep as much people from the community as we can in the loop to know everything that’s happening to stay updated especially with what’s concerning um intersect that’s for sure, um and as we talked uh it’s not easy to have participation Peak just that quickly, it’s slowly but surely, that’s for sure

Amir : uh hello everyone want to add something hi Juana, hello Rami uh thank you Juana for summarizing what’s going on with intersect and it’s really helpful I know we’re not a lot on the call but I think the key people that can pass on information to other groups in uh within cardano or people that are not too active uh and I really the one thing I really appreciate because I can’t catch up to all the news especially this intersect thing, is a I’m hearing about it I see on Twitter or X and people nominating themselves or saying there’s elections what would be really nice uh and I should be active in that as well is provide specific links or dates you know like if there’s a deadline for registration I know Rami and I sometimes talk about these things, and we say oh there’s an opening to submit a project request for Catalyst, kind of kind of summarize these dates and links to these big events happening within cardano uh and maybe have it on a website or even have a template that you know most of us have a social presence that we can kind of have a template that we all can take and repost or retweet or put on a put on a link um they’re really helpful I know there’s a lot going on and it’s hard for one person to catch up to everything and all doing little pieces, but if I think this would help the community in the Middle East uh and in-person events is another thing it’s tough to do um uh but I think we should also work on that as well to kind of get people to meet if possible even if it’s just for a coffee like a mini town hall or just Meetup event every now and then, video ones are great Rami you do a great job in doing little interviews things like that these are these are that’s those these are my thoughts to kind of help uh spread the word and reorganize ourselves ,

Juana : I actually had one question for you guys on that point I mean and I hope I didn’t miss the the registration because yeah it’s been a little busy but I wanted to ask you guys if you’d be interested in a workshop to discuss the draft Constitution that’s been put together I think that’s also very important so I if there if I didn’t one I’ll try to organize a virtual one um maybe whoever interested we can work together on it uh so I can keep you guys closing but is that something that you guys would want to attend or something ? okay awesome I’ll try to I’ll try to get that in next certainly certainly I share it and I would like to be involved and I’m sure others would as well

Chris : hi can I uh can you guys hear me ? hi my name is Chris I would just like to add to what Amir was mentioning I agree with the fact that you know in our busy lives we sometimes don’t keep track of lot of these events dates that are happening in the uh cardano ecosystem and once you miss a deadline and and then you like realize uh you know that’s it’s too late so keeping track of uh important dates events local events, also local meetups all those things uh there is a there is a app that has been created the cardano calendar, and uh that’s a good uh good app in which we can uh start contributing all events that we are aware of and share them you know across our community so that’s one thing which the tooling exists we just have to start populating it I mean I can try whatever I see I can start populating if anyone else sees something that they think needs to be added uh it’s it’s a common calendar we can use and it’s a good it’s a good tool that we should try to you know take advantage of

Amir : yeah thank you that’s great Chris I’ve used it myself and it is a good reminder thank you for bringing that up it it’s very useful easy to use uh and uh it’s good to kind of populate it

Chris : I agree with that and people can add it to their calender uh to we just to get the word out I don’t think many people are aware of these tools so once uh you know we can spread that word out and people start using it like I’ve installed it on my uh phone and I’ve kept it so you know that that that helps keep track of whatever is happening, there are so many events and it’s just going to keep increasing now uh after uh 1694 it’s just going to keep increasing so we’ll need a lot more meetups and a lot more interaction and and that will really help us a lot

Rami : yeah for sure um we actually started this small group uh it’s open uh for everyone in the community to join I will share the link again when we finish this meeting and everyone is welcome to join we’re discussing more in depth how we can uh grow this community maybe and uh more uh centralized … the discussions are more centralized around um intersect and cardano governance and uh if I may call it the new age of cardano or so. So that’s for sure that’s for sure let’s talk about it more Chris I I’ll share with you guys the link later on uh s has something to say I see the hand raised and then we can maybe uh switch to the presentation uh about intersect update, Seidu go ahead please

Seidu : thank you very much for the opportunity just to on what I just say is that if we can get the Cardano calendar Link in the chat so that we can join I myself I have an event coming on the next weekend so that I will just register there and then maybe to promote participation in the community if we can have more uh initiative to sponsor or support I to be grateful so that we have a track report of participants who are participating in intersect and yeah thank you

Rami : yes for sure I didn’t I caught 90% of your message but I’m really sure uh I’m 100% sure of what you meant and your message and uh we will definitely it’s a great idea to work on that for sure so um we will share the link of the mini group that we’ve started a couple weeks ago that’s for sure and we’ll talk about these things more in depth as for uh uh now, we will uh if anyone has anything to add uh let’s go ahead before starting the presentation, it’s a five minutes presentation I know you all have busy schedules and after we finish we probably can uh jump on to Twitter space / X space uh because intersect is having a live X space with Charles Hoskinson as a guest speaker, which would be very interesting. So anyone has anything to add before we switch to the presentation?
Okay so I think I will start sharing my screen now okay guys uh do you all see my screen okay yeah yeah I can see great so as we can see it’s the June 2024 update we are MENA Townhall, so let’s go overview view of key topics cardano’s road map, Constitution, working groups, Dreps Pioneer workshops and events and Community hubs as uh we can see here there is a progress report on the cardano road map this is a link that I will share with all of you, uh what the road map is of course we’ve all heard of it it’s Shelly, Byron Etc and now we are in Voltaire, on intersect website um I’ll share this link don’t worry um they just updated a small brief on what’s Happening. Next, cardano’s Constitution so there’s a call to action and this actually happened um three days four days ago or three days ago the registration candidacy for the interim constitutional committee by June 10th this this is what Juana was talking about, and voting on summon platform opens June 13th, so uh I don’t know if you guys one second if you guys can see my screen do you see my other screen or is it just the uh PowerPoint presentation right now ?
Chris : uh just the PowerPoint presentation I can’t see the other one

Rami : okay so uh no worries all the link will be shared in the end of the video and anyone who is interested uh for getting this PowerPoint presentation I can send it to them uh basically so once application close intersect will host be uh hostings X space for all candidates uh the details will be shared uh soon and the voting will be done on summon platform, that’s summon platform it will be open on June 13th. So workshops, there’s over 50 applications received for hosting workshops and these applications were open until yesterday as we can see here there’s a small road map of time stamps concerning the interim Constitution committee or ICC that we were talking about with Juana, let’s move forward talk about plutus and consensus working groups, so plutus technical group had his second meeting on June 11th, and consensus team had a first open meeting on June 6th, you guys uh can sign up as intersect members to join the MBO and keep updated here in this link which I will will be sharing with all of you. Then, core Tech development updates and January 15 intersect members were selected to support the emergence of governance in cardano below are details of their specific projects with their respective closeout reports so we can see here the wide array of teams that um um contributed Nui mlabs there’s some familiar names Sunday swap Labs Etc. Concerning the Drep Pioneer program the uh the workshops are designed to equip community members with d Knowledge and Skills sessions offered in multiple regions and languages of course I will share in the end of this uh presentation the link for Discord and Telegram you guys would uh um I’m sure you’d be interested in joining and seeing everything that’s happening check the knowledge page for more details so everything is present here and will be shared. Concerning Community hubs we have latam Community hubs with its respective link if anyone is interested it’s their Twitter X page hosted first intersect Town Hall end of May Japan’s Community Hub also held its second space on X with over 50 members, Sri Lanka Hub and Wada Africa community Hub launched new X account with all the respective links. So now we move to MCC which means membership and Community Committee they appointed uh Nori Nishigia I hope I’m saying the name correctly and Mark byers as uh new co-chairs interim secretary is Matthew caps role overview supporting committees. And working groups to empower members you can view these committees and their roles in the respective link here which will be shared with you guys.As for Community tooling and progress update, we have the grants page which is very interesting and I will share with you guys there’s funding opportunities and and the category which is called inclusion and accessibility Grant to support local events and meetups which is also very interesting and in this category they started giving out grants in phase two. When it comes to sanchonet we can see here some data and uh the dashboard is uh available in this link, we can see governance actions ,data votes, total delegations, and Drep registrations ,we move on to the final uh slide it’s over so that was not very taxing TimeWise. Important resources we can get the intersect uh knowledge base which has all the detailed information intersect website these are all very useful links which will be shared with all of us latest news on road map updates go tool participate in governance testing and Community interactions our their Discord and telegram for intersect where we can join working groups and the socials on X and on LinkedIn to stay updated so thank you for what thank you for participating and uh I think I will stop sharing the screen right now I thank all of you for being here um uh, I don’t want to stay for longer than that if anyone has anything to add I’ll be more than happy we’ll all be more than happy to hear and other than that I will uh say goodbye to all of you,

Amir : thank you very much Rami for the presentation

Seidu : yeah Rami thank you very much for the presentation just to add to the intersect constitutional host application there was a uh a call for people to apply to access the application for the host I don’t know whether you have that link and you can share with the community so that who didn’t apply to host can apply to review the app thank you
Rami : yes if I understood correctly uh there’s an application to apply to become a community host that’s what you are asking asking me about ?

Seidu : no no after application to uh host the Constitutional uh workshops there was also a call for the community members to apply to review the application of the host I don’t know whether you’ve seen that
Rami : yes I’m sure we can get more information about that on the intersect X page or on the intersect Discord, probably we will find something uh surrounding that on the intersect Discord for sure um if you’d like uh I will definitely share the Discord link and I will add you Seidu and Chris to the group, I think Amir and Chady are already in the group, we didn’t get the chance to add many people yet because we just did it two weeks ago and it’s not very active so this is the first this is like the opening of uh these meetings if I may call them and they will be held every month uh almost around the mid of the month, so again thank you so much everyone for being part of this uh thank you for your participation and let’s stay in touch and I will share all these links with everyone, after adding you guys to the group on WhatsApp so thanks again guys and have a good day have a good weekend!

Seidu : you too bye-bye

Amir : bye-bye thank you

Chris : bye

Chadi : thanks bye