Introducing ADA SN₳KE POOL


this is Emanuele (or Manuel), owner/operator of pool SNAKE

I was born in Rome 45 years ago, but I have lived in Barcelona since 2006. Over the past 11 years, I have been working as a Business Intelligence consultant. My tasks are mainly related to Systems and Databases Administration, using different tools for analysis and reporting as well as providing support to various Developer Teams and End Users.

During the last year, I have been performing tasks like “daily global platform reporting”, which requires a strong capacity to report a consistent volume of information in less than one hour and a 45 minute conference call with teams from different world’s locations, to discuss the daily status and plan different kinds of actions.

Aside from my professional background, I have been cultivating a passion for open source systems since 2002.


Running on pre ITN networks, ITN, HTN and Shelley
I love to run on NixOS, the best operating system I’ve found
when started my first exploration with Byron cardano-sl repository.

SNAKE Pool is an Independent and Single Cardano stake pool aiming for true decentralization.
Member of SPA (Single Pool Alliance).
The mission is to have the pool under saturation point and provide nice rewards for delegators.

The pool will run charity projects once a certain amount of the pool’s stake is reached.

Side projects for the near future could include:

A web page to provide fine-grained Cardano Statistics
An NFT Lab
Smart Contracts.