Introducing Alpen Cardano [ALPCH]

Pool ID: pool18r2y72aue5nmv489xtnfxl36vzusq95qst6urd87yd5hgzms04c
Ticker: ALPCH
Name: Alpen Cardano
Description: Adas in the Alps
Location: Zurich/ Switzerland
Tax ratio: 0
Tax Fix: 340
Pledge: 8000

HP Proliant 2 CPU x Xeon + 196GB RAM / 2 VMware / Dedicated Servers + 2 Backups
HP G8 (1 VM + Backup)
Fiber Internet.

Reliability engineer and knowledge in Linux / Windows / MacOS systems. Webhosting and graphic design. I enjoy this ecosystem and I like to contribute to it.

Inspired by the love of the mountains and nature, I created the Alpen Cardano. A way to house ADAs safely in the heart of the Alps.

Part of the profits in the project will go to improve nature and conserve the mountains



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Telegram: [ALPCH] Alpen Cardano Staking group
Facebook:[ALPCH] FB Group

ALPCH has succeeded in creating its first block! We already have 16 delegations and have increased the Pledge to 25K.
We are small but we have a lot of potential!
Stake with us.

2021-05-16 21_36_23-Window

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Congratulations :confetti_ball::tada::100: @keltxo

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Epoch 270 ist dedicated to mountain Pollux
For those interested we have a new domain. Follow us at

Thank you very much to the new delegators. It is very good to have you among us. Together we are much stronger.

The mountains will thank you!

We dedicate Epoch 273 to the Clariden Peak. Located at an elevation of 3,267 m. in the Swiss canton of Glarus.
We have no block allocations for this Epoch and need help to survive! Please delegate your ADA and help the mountains.The Alpen Cardano need you!

Alpen Cardano has created its second block!
Thank you very much to all the delegates who trust in our project!

We are pleased to announce our third Block! Very happy to share our luck with our loyal delegators.

Very pleased to have signed 2 blocks in a row. We are anxious to grow to be able to make our first donations.
We need your help! Delegate with ALPCH Luck 154% / ROA 7.443%