Introducing ALPS – Staking for our mountains [ALPS]

Dear Cardano Community!

Today I would like to introduce my stakepool [ALPS]. First of all, a brief introduction: My name is Lukas and I work as a software developer for an Austrian startup in the digital health sector.

Through my love for the mountains, the idea for [ALPS] was born. The Stakepool, which donates a part of its revenue to alpine clubs.

Recently, “Österreichischer Alpenverein” (Austrian Alpine Club) could be won as a partner.

Three blocks could already be created, in the current epoch 241 number four will follow.

From epoch 242 on, another 15M ADA are available, which were delegated via the Cardano Foundation Community Rotation.
This makes it possible to generate blocks more regularly and to support alpine clubs better.

To the pool
Ticker: [ALPS]
ID: 16d216d074625d2dbb75c20948e4d9a1efe0fe79c4c915d4b5391de1
Pledge: 130k ADA
Fixed costs: 340 ADA (minimum)
Variable costs: 1%

1 core node and 2 relays
4 vCPUs each, 8GB Ram, 160 GB SSD, up to 400 Mbit/s, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Hosted in Germany by a provider that relies exclusively on renewable energy


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