Introducing Billionaire Pool [BIL]

Hello to everybody in the Cardano community!

I am Diego from Switzerland, a physicist by background who’s been involved in IT sector for a long time. I started programming and working with PCs when I was 8 years old (reaching my 40s soon) and very soon got addicted to it. I’ve been operating Linux systems for 20 years. In the last 5 years, I got very interested in cryptocurrencies, and I think that Cardano will be one of the strongest players in the next future.

As such, I decided to support the community not only by buying and staking, but providing decentralization with a new stake pool.

Billionaire Pool [Ticker BIL] runs on servers located in Europe with redundancies and 99.999% availability. Security is provided by multi-layer architecture, high-standard server hardening and monitoring of the server status.

I’m committed to keeping the minimum fixed fee and a very reasonable 2% fee rate in the long term to support the hardware expenses. The stake pool operation horizon is 5 years minimum.

You can contact me and follow my updates on twitter: @BillionairePool. I’ll be happy to connect with you!

I strongly believe in the Cardano project. If you do as well, support small pools like Billionaire Pool to enhance decentralization and let the community grow stronger!

Pool id: 7004d0436f52f905c68d6c23cf58938fa3b82b6193935e220f0183ef
Find us on pooltool and adapools, search for BIL ticker!