Introducing [BRUN] Pools

Our mission to our delegates: Security, Profitability and Consistency!

It is our mission to help secure and support the network with hundreds of other stake pool operators. The more of us the more the network strengthens, responds to scale, and speeds up transactions. We choose to operate our servers in data centers that choose environmentally friendly sources of energy to power their operations. However, we do all of this for a better and higher purpose than our own financial security needs. We welcome all humans. Replicants and other life-forms please enquire… We are the BLADARUNNERS…

Tickers: BRUN and BRUN0 (that is a zero at the end)
Pledges: Between 100K to 250K ADA
Fixed fees: 340 ADA
Variable Fee: 1%

Contact: we are easiest to find on Telegram:
Pool ID for BRUN: 7ed358aeebfc6d9ea28fd8fec077c7359c8f5fa3df2aea10438dbd26
Pool ID for BRUN0: 121f02efc111b66b0d0db96dac2707e80067069175e1e9cccaf57673

Pool Infrastructure: we operate ten servers to support our pools. They all use the following: OS: Ubuntu 20.04, the latest generation CPUS we can get with dual cores for both BP nodes and Relay nodes. Ram from 8GB to 16GB. Network 1GBS fibre. Variable SSD values ranging from 80GB to 160GB. (See more about why 10 servers on our website).

Pool redundancy: we have two servers on standby to take over if either of our BP nodes go down for any reason.

Operator Experience: Have been in the IT industry since 1997. Trained in South African Defence Force for counter-surveillance and network security. E-commerce pioneer in Portugal.

Our mission is simple: Security - Profitability - Consistency

Note: our complete mission statement is available on our website:

I hope you will join us as we have ultimate objectives we believe are worthy of supporting. That is, the support of the activities saving the Rhino from extinction in South Africa and the re-establishment of the wild-life bird sanctuaries in Southern Australia after the devastating fires there recently.

Thank you,
Jorge Pascoal - SPO for Bladarunner Pools

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Ten server?! Wow, impressive. Good luck!

Thank you.