Introducing CardanoBits Staking Pool [CBITS]

Hello everyone ^^

In order to provide more value to the Cardano community and further the decentralization of the Cardano Blockchain, we decided to launch the [CBITS] Pool. This pool operation accompanies the CardanoBits Art Project.

About the Pool Operators:
We are three computer and data science students from all over Europe, who fell in love with Cardano and the CardanoBits Art project. Our main goal is to help and grow the Cardano community!

Emre is our main server administrator with several years of experience as a freelance web dev.
Aaron is also in charge of server administration, he is a passionate developer when it comes to everything Cardano.
Dave is in charge of marketing and publicity and comes from a mechanical engineering background.

Together we want to ensure a successful pool operation!

Pool Infrastructure:
CPU: 4 Cores
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: 160 GB
Location: Germany and Finland
100% Green Energy

Community Benefits:
Besides supporting a smaller pool we want to give our delegators a bonus. A fixed portion (30%) of the pool’s rewards will be used to fund the CardanoBits community wallet. The community can then decide how to use these funds. Currently, we plan to regularly airdrop CardanoBits to delegators. All you need to do is delegate and join our Discord to participate.

You do not have to hold any NFTs to delegate or participate in the airdrops!

For non-NFT People:
NFTs are much more than just funny images on the Blockchain!

You do not need to know what NFTs are in order to become a member of our pool. You can use our community to learn more about NFTs and gain insights into future possibilities!

In addition to the giveaways, we want to try to educate people who are not in the NFT space on what NFTs are and their uses… but first, we need to grow as a pool!

About CaranoBits NFT
It was the first 8-bit pixel art collection on Cardano Chain and the second 10k Collection following SpaceBuds. The project launched in April 2021 on Easter Day.

Why 30%?
Running a pool costs money and time, it’s basically a part-time job to ensure that the pool is up and running. The rest will be used for maintenance costs and server admin compensation.

Thank you ATADA for all your scripts and all you do for the community <3

Links and Hard Facts:
Ticker: [CBITS]
Pledge: 7500 ADA
Pool ID: 6782865c91a230fb379a433a0630a68a9adcdca9e518ad73302ef805
Fixed Fee: 340 ₳
Twitter: @cbitarmy
Discord: CardanoBits
For now the variable fee is 0% and increased between 1 to 3 % in the end of the 2nd quarter.