Introducing Citrus Pool [CTRS]

About Us:
Citrus Pool is a crypto/blockchain driven company with deep roots in the industry. We’re very passionate in providing a user friendly experience to all of our customers along with peace of mind that everything is handled with the highest level of security. We pride ourselves with being knowledgable in crypto while still being able to explain complex blockchain ideas to the most novice users. We believe this approach is the key to mass adoption.

As developers we are also very hopeful in the launch of Goguen and can’t wait to get even more involved in the Cardano community. We’re here for the long haul.

About the Pool:
Ticker: CTRS
Fixed fee: 340₳
Variable fee: 2.5%
Pledge: 114k
Pool ID: ad709eb28c6e98eee65ac4022cf6219258dc4907d704c286e6ca047f


Why delegate to Citrus Pool?
CTRS is a new stake pool ran by an experience team of system admin. Even tho we’re just getting started we have manned to mint our first block right only a couple of weeks on the network. Our fees are competitive and our server infrastructure is fortified.

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Congratulations on minting your first block! Best of luck to you and your pool!

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Thank you!