Introducing [CLIO1] - What's past is prologue


Our motto is fully dedicated to the immutable blockchain: what’s past is prologue!
Every new block builds on the past, history is written.

Clio - daughter of Zeus - was the muse of historiography in ancient Greece. And this is exactly what Clio Stake Pool and Explorer want to be for the Cardano ecosystem

Since 1.5 years we take care of the German translation of Yoroi Browser and mobile Wallet

We are Initiator and co-developer of cnTools, which is used by a substantial part of all Cardano stake pools to register and handle their pools.

We also developed and now operate the TopologyUpdater service. Approximately 250 Cardano Stake pool operators can easily and quickly get a list of remote peers. This interim solution helps to distribute the blocks in such a large network (Shelley Mainnet) quickly and decentralized until the P2P-Stack is ready for the Haskell implementation.

CLIO1 is grateful for any delegations. We invest our time and efforts in active support and growth of the Cardano Ecosystem.

Our conditions: 2.5%


For independent performance data please see:



CLIO1 will never ask you for any keys, transfer of funds, or any other questionable stuff.


I wish you all the best with your pool! You deserve it! :slight_smile:



cnTools is a great product now. A lot of SPOs owe you thanks for the effort to put the scripts together and for sharing. They make operating and running a pool day to day much easier.

Great pool name too :slight_smile:

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