Introducing Discovery [DIVY]

About us

We are Jay & Cris, your Discovery Pool operators from France and Portugal. Invested since late 2017, we took part in the ITN, running a stake pool on Jormungandr for over 3 months (ticker: ADAT).

We believe in Cardano’s mission and we want to support the network by running stake pools and nodes for the years and decades to come. Our stake pool rewards will go towards upgrading, maintaining and securing the nodes in their different locations across the world, as well as helping us with a personal project: driving around Africa, Asia and the Middle East to travel and explore our world.

Should the opportunity presents itself, we hope to meet local producers and help them access the wider market by setting them up onto the Cardano network. We have solid backgrounds in startup creation, web marketing as well as 10 years of combined IT and server knowledge - so hopefully we can put some of those skills to good use.

Ticker DIVY
Fixed fee 340
Variable fee 0%
Pledge :moneybag: 2M ADA
Pool ID / hashash 654d96593e499e70889eeae16a15ad8682f8349fd1b77726bbbf8a6d
Pooltool Link
ADAPools Link


Feel free to reach out directly via Twitter or Telegram.

Pool Infrastructure

4 VPS provided by Digital Ocean.
3 x 2CPU/8GB/Premium-SSD
1 x 4CPU/16GB/Premium-SSD

Why should users check out your pool?

  • 2M Pledge: We are here to help Cardano grow and become a successful project. With a 2M pledge, we have a strong incentive to ensure that our pool’s performance is optimal and produces all its blocks. That incentive should provide you with the reassurance that you will get optimal rewards too.

  • All nodes are configured to communicate with each other through the Digital Ocean internal backbone instead of the public Internet through VPC peering which improves security and optimises performance and cost.

  • Every Epoch Updates on we will provide a log of how the pool performed, blocks created and missed, updates and changes.

  • Transparency: we are responsive and always available on our telegram channel. Delegators are welcome to ask anything.

  • Monitoring: monitoring is in placed both automatically and manually to ensure availability and maximum performance.

Why is our fee at 0%?

We want to temporarily make our pool more attractive to increase the pledge received. In turn, we will produce more blocks at the highest ROI possible, proving our pool’s performance over time.


Should the rewards allow it, we would like to deploy even more relays as well as upgrade our current setup (more RAM, Disk space and CPU).

Thank you for reading and special thanks to all of our delegators!