Introducing Endeavor Stake Pools! ENDVR + ENDJA!

Hello! I’m here to introduce Endeavor Stake Pools! We run two pools, one in New York (ENDVR) and one in Tokyo (ENDJA)!

Our web site is:

Our pools were started by two experienced software developers, Michael and Ian. We both have over 15 years of development experience, including many years of security expertise in hosting applications on Amazon and Azure cloud services. We love creating applications, working on databases, and creating unique and fun user interfaces. We think Cardano is an amazing platform, and think it’s so cool that we get to be invovled!

Two aspects of Cardano that we like the most are fairness and equality. We like how Cardano levels the playing field for everyone, and sets up a financial system fair for all. Those are things we believe strongly in.

Our pools are hosted on AWS, in multiple regions. We chose AWS because we liked the 24/7 up-time guarantee, and feel like it has the bandwidth to handle anything. We chose servers with plenty of cores, memory, and hard drive space to handle transactions and mint blocks well into the future!

Our pools are small. We need all the help we can get from the community! If you have any tips regarding our website, or how to market a pool, we would be happy to hear all the feedback you can offer! We want to get off to a good start!


Endeavor Stake Pools (ENDVR + ENDJA)

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We started a $1500 GIVEAWAY today folks! Our pool is small, and this is the kind of thing we need to do to move up! We give out the money. You just need to delegate!

You can see the rules HERE!


Awesome :+1: I’m all in