Introducing Fat Stakes Pool [FAT]: A pool to help small delegators

We just launched a new pool, Fat Stakes [FAT] – a pool for the average Joe. Our mission is to help small delegators with less grow their stake by giving out bonuses on every payout.

A portion of our margin will always be dedicated to bonuses sent to our delegators. A random delegator will be chosen every payout to receive a percentage of the margin.

10% of the margin earned will go to one random delegator on every payout as a bonus. Every 100k stake added will increase the bonus by 1%.

The hope is that these bonuses will give a boost to those wanting to get involved with Cardano, but might not be fortunate enough to obtain a moderate stake. We’re basically a pool for the little guys. We’d love for you to stake with us @ FAT!

Pool Info:

  • Ticker: FAT
  • Pledge: 41,000 ADA
  • Fixed cost: 340 ADA
  • Margin: 2% (a percentage of the margin is dedicated to bonus payouts to delegators)
  • Current bonus: 10% of margin
  • Next bonus increase: 100,000 ADA total stake
  • Website:
  • Pool ID: 209b1ad731564c614a72caebfaeb42c266bcd073133247304b334dc4
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Hardware: Professionally managed cloud based infrastructure with high reliability, availability and security.