SWAG Stakepool


We are the SWAG Stakepool and we would like to take a second to tell you about ourselves. SWAG stake pool provides a reliable and personal staking experience. Delegators will not have to worry about the day to day operations as our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the information technology sector. Providing world class implementation and support for our delegators.

Pledge: 400K
Pool Margin: 3.5%
Cost Per Epoch: 340 (Minimum)
Ten Year Operations Plan (Re-assess and revised every ten years)
Website: www.ada-swag.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/crypto_simp

Our goals are to support the Cardano ecosystem in as many ways as possible and we believe creating a stake pool supports the backbone of Cardano’s infrastructure. The fundamentals of this project are sound; from the formal methods approach, to peer-reviewed research, to the lofty goals of Community Governance with the introduction of Voltaire. We’re invested in this ecosystem long-term which why we’ve committed to not withdrawing any of our Pool Pledge for the next ten years! There will always be a place to stake ADA with the SWAG Stake pool!