Introducing "Hoard" [Hoard]

Hi, My name is Joph and the Stake Pool Operator of ‘Hoard’. A small Stake Pool since epoch 211. Here to help the decentralisation of Cardano.

Ticker: Hoard
Pledge: 100k - Verified
Fixed Fee: 4%
Pool ID: 81513973d897547309a685b7053aad72eda7291946e96aa30639689f
Location: UK
Pool Infrastructure: Google Cloud using Linux (was previously on Testnet also). 8gig ram x 4 cores.
Experience: 20 years in IT, Realtime Graphics and 3D Animation for the Broadcast Industry.

Why delegate to Hoard: How are we adding value to the community is probably the question you want to know right?.

As well as the ‘Hoard’ node, we manufacture, design and produce discreet, cost effective Stainless Steel Seed Wallets. This helps delegators permanently protect their Mnemonic Seed Phrase once they (or you) have created your wallet for staking.

Using Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite etc, you will always have to right down your seed phrases. Typically 12-24 words for each wallet you create using the industry standard Bip39 Wordlist.

Alternative Steel Wallets are really expensive, especially as most of you have already… or will Hoard away more than 5-10+ wallets as crypto enthusiasts :grinning:.

Delegate to ‘Hoard’ and contact me using the email above or contact page on the website. We will give you a separate price that is not on the website and unmatched in the market, just for you, our promise.

We also have some blog, vlog information on crypto security and best practices if you are interested.

We are passionate about Cardano and everything it stands for. Good luck in which ever node road you decide to choose.