Introducing: 👣 I was here [IWH]

Hello everyone,

It is common knowledge that the most good engineers between information technology and electronic design have a hard time “selling” themselves and their work - they just do it as well as they can and hope to be recognized for it.

My Stake pool “[IWH] I was here” is no different in this respect. However, I would like to take the opportunity to at least point out that it exists. And of course: It is there to be used by you ;-). Currently the pool consists of a Root Server and three relays (VPS server) on different machinen/in different data centers.

  • Ticker: IWH
  • Pledge: 311 kADA
  • Fixed fee: 340 ADA
  • Variable fee: 2 %
  • Website:
  • Contact :email:: contact /at/
  • Contact :bird:: iwh_pool
  • Pool ID: e1ca526fe5d2d2ac26a2b3ab52bf73ba4f1506da4e533eff8c5faa7f
  • Location: Nuremberg and Frankfurt a. M., Germany
  • This pool runs on renewable energy. :seedling:

Of course I’m not a fan of big words like “maximum peak availability” and all the stuff you read about elsewhere. Which, in my experience, is more often lip service than reality.

If you are wondering: The name already dates back about twenty years. It was the result of a process to think about what would be a meaningful goal in life. And I stuck to it since then.

I would be very happy if we could leave something good together.
Happy staking :footprints:!


A small update:

  • I added a small text to the pool’s information page explaining my opinion on why to choose small stake pools over the few big ones as a delegator.
  • Pool pledge was increased slightly (even though it has little effect on block assignment)
  • The last relay server was moved to a datacenter operated with renewable energy, too.

Have a nice weekend!

Good luck with your pool!

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Thank you! I just reduced the margin to two percent.

I am still convinced that it is barely a difference to delegators (which now of course switch over to pools actually producing blocks) if they earn 97% oder 98% of the rewards. At the same time it is a (potential) loss of 30% for the operator…

I just don’t get the mechanics (anymore) - How is this “race to the bottom” promote decentralization on the long run?

With time your operation will be highly profitable and the skills you have sharpened in the process will be invaluable! Stay in the fight and you won’t regret it!

For hundreds, also pools with smaller stake, this might be business as usual… But finally… IWH minted its firsts Block! yaiii Man, I am relieved :wink: Honestly.

Pooltool first mainnet block award

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Like so many other pools: 0% variable fee until… delegators have a maximum cost of 6% (of lower if pool stake increases)

Let’s see how this changes behaviours - or not :smiley:

For better transparency, from now on I’ll make the leader log publicly available.

This way, potential and current delegators can actually check the performance - which they usually can’t as most operators won’t make the assigned number of slots available. I hope this is useful to build more trust into the pool operation itself. :slight_smile:

IWH pool has filed the tax statement:

Taxes of the pool for block rewards 2021 are 16636 €/17501 $US!

That means IWH paid 1386 €/1458 $US per month for :mortar_board: free education, :hospital: universal healthcare, :umbrella: unemployment support, :older_woman: :older_man: pension funds, :seedling: environmental protection and :train: public infrastructure.

What other “charity” pool (of this size) has donated that much?

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