Introducing JERRY Stake Pool [JERRY]

Hello my friends, I finally got my Stakepool up and running and I’m so happy I can be part of this revolutionary invention named Cardano!
I am a single pool operator and my goal is to contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano Network so that the hard working people of the IOHK / Emurgo can delegate more of their stake to the community.

JERRY Pool is a Stakepool in the Cardano Blockchain. Stake your Ada coins to us for fruitful rewards!
Good decision to select a small pool like JERRY.

Ticker: [JERRY]
ID: 81af9eebe435c9b085a5d1a590674c14d22987e82bc781d7271ac1a6
Pledge: 100 ₳
Variable cost: 0%
Fixed cost: 340 ₳ (minimum)


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Welcome & good luck

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Good luck!