Introducing Kawanua Pool [KAWAN], a disaster emergency fund

Hi fellow Cardano community,

We just join the journey with cardano.
My name is Andrew Ponto from Manado, a part of Indonesia, well if you know Bali then it’s 3 hours flight from there.
Me and my university college friends run a stake pool with detail:
Pool Name : Kawanua Pool
Thicker : KAWAN
Current Pledge : 10k
Pool Margin : 0.05%
Pool ID : pool1grz62pdyyakffeymsjxpkz4x9382y3zhfa8zu28tk2fpqxm6p5l
Server spec : 4 VPS with spec of each server; 4 vCores, 8 GB RAM & 200 GB SSD
Running minimal for 3-9 years (had 4 VPS contract for 1 year at the moment)

I am an IT Developer/Software Engineer/IT Business Solution with some knowledge of network and operating system. I like to discover things with enthusiasm.
My friend introduce me about cardano just 3 months ago (Jan 2021), and i start to google it, the more i read and research the more it’s mesmerized me.
The vision, the goals and everything about it makes me think this is a revolution of currency with a large scale of great mission along together.

I saw so many noble and glorius project that launch because of Cardano and this makes my heart thrill wants to help others.
That remind me the flood and landslide in my place, I am my self saw many people lost their family, home and even no clothes to wear even lost their life because of that disaster,
at that moment i am thinking “how do i helps these people ?”
For a grasp split of second i feel useless because even my self a victim of this disaster, what an ironic.
These days we see so many event that impact our lifes and people around us, that makes life harder each day to those directly struck by that event of disaster.
By cardano community and project i see hope to be part of this using my skill and knowledge, those why Kawanua stake pool born to be a part of Cardano mission.
Me and my friends name this pool Kawanua which means “resident of the country” in our place called Manado and with thicker “KAWAN” means friends in bahasa for indonesian languange.
I believe in phrase “a big leap starts with a small step” ,
That is why i would like to start this cardano journey from the small corner side of my place by helping people in Manado and believe we will grow to help our country indonesia even growing bigger by helping the whole world.
So many ideas came in my head and will focus on this mission by improving it ways to reach the great goal.

We pursue :

  1. the safest staking, reliable, 24/7 uptime,
  2. enrich community knowledge, help those who in needs and seek perfection trough imperfection for improving the quality of life.

We have a good news to welcome our delegators
Visit us

  1. For pool information : adapools page [KAWAN] Kawanua | Cardano Staking
  2. Chat group : telegram Telegram: Contact @KawanCardano

Look forward to hear from you all,
Join us by help delegating to KAWAN, I know we have the same vision for this world.
Cheers KAWAN.


Hi Andrew @kawan,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Glad to have another Indonesian SPO here. Hope that more people delegate on your stake pool.

I will put your stake pool on the list of Indonesian Stake Pool in my Tutorial About Cardano topic.

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Hi Andreas,
Thank you for the welcoming and support.
Lets together build understanding of Cardano mission to our local places in Indonesia and the people in the world.

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The victim of natural disasaster cannot wait, we cant control the nature, but we can help the victim.
As a commitment with the pool mission,
We have donates 67 ADA from our treasury worth of 1.13M Rupiah to 2 event of disaster recently in indonesia; NTT Flood and Malang earhquake. We hope they recover soon.
Donation distributed via

Proof of donation:

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We made our first block.
Thanks to God, our delegators and Cardano community.

We know this is the start of our journey,
with persistent and hardwork, we will help others to improve ourself with programs that we will develop and delegators have their power to contribute with Kawanua Pool plans to future.


Congrats @kawan . Hope that more delegators from Indonesia and all around the globe stake in your pool. It’s for good causes/donation.


India needs our help,
Lets give them some oxygen.



We reach 140 delegators!

Welcome first 140 precious kawan delegator🌟

Raffle Time !

Old Winner Address:
Batch 6
Batch 5
Batch 4
Batch 3
Batch 2
Batch 1

The raffle application uses the website:

For future we will share the operator reward💰 using deviden system to our precious loyal delegators. Stay tune!

Thank you choosing delegate with Kawanua Stake Pool :star_struck:

Welcome first 200 Delegators !



We are working really hard to invite delegators.
To welcome our precious delegators we will donate total of ₳200 which will be delivered on 10 batches.
Each batch will deliver ₳20 to 1 delegator randomly when our total delegator added every 20 delegators, until quota reach 200 delegators for the last batch of welcome event.

We will make announcement here and our telegram group transparantly which delegator who will receive the fund.
Please check this tab regularly and stay tune to our telegram.

*Join us by delegating to our pool NOT by transfering your ADA to a specific address !!!
(please beware of scam, we will not PM first and only announce here or to our official telegram group with the link below)
*Donate fund will be distributed to 1 delegator randomly with timeline total of delegator objective below.
*Random will be using third party random apps. Will announce the mekanism on time of distribute.
*Delegators must join our telegram and like our facebook page as a recognize of our precious delegator.
*Delegators from the batch before is eligible for next donate batch to honor your loyalty.
*For more info please visit us Telegram: Contact @KawanCardano


:rocket: KAWAN MISSION :rocket:

Provide emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters. We will deposit 10% of monthly operator reward funds into the emergency fund wallet to distribute as a relief fund in the event of a natural disaster.
We will continue to update the amount of funds stored in the emergency wallet and the amount that has been distributed to our website and telegram group. We will do this in transparant way, everybody can check the fund and transaction of the wallet.

As the first step to this mission,
we deposit total 2M rupiah(IDR) worth of ₳104 at the time.
and for transparancy,
you can look into our Emergency fund using your favorite blockchain explorer to find wallet address below or just click to display it with

Come join us to help others and secure the Cardano network by staking/delegate with KAWAN.
Deposite ₳34 from epoch 259 operator reward
Deposite ₳34 from epoch 260 operator reward
Deposite ₳34 from epoch 268 operator reward
Remaining emergency fund: ₳89

We are commit with the pool mision, therefore we already distribute our starter emergency fund to those in needs.
₳27 to NTT flood worth Rp. 500,000 at the time.
₳35 to Malang Earthquake worth Rp. 630,000 at the time.
₳55 to Oxygen for India worth of Rp. 1,205,000 at the time.
check history of distributed fund here

Distributed fund: ₳117

It’s maybe small now, but we are persistently growing . Lets grow together with us and Cardano Mission.

We are KAWAN (means friend in bahasa) for all of you.

:earth_asia: If you’ll permit us, we’d like to be your kawan and together change the world :earth_asia:

Kawanua Pool.


We are persistently growing! :star_struck:
Kawan family getting bigger reach 70 delegators for this last 2 weeks.
With IOG delegation we will grow more and saved more life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
1 local delegators means save 1 life :heart_eyes:

We loved to welcome delegators from all over the world to support us and became kawan family :heart_eyes:


With the help of IOG delegation we presents 3 Pillar to make KAWAN sustain and grow :star_struck:
Every pillar has its own purpose to delegators, community and the mission :mechanical_arm:

By this Treasury System pillar we will grow more bigger by giving back to delegators itself and it will works like a set of cogs that made the reward grow more and more in treasury and give it back as wealth programs to delegators, currently 1 month from now we will seed the treasure and the Arisan delegated program will be distributed to delegators.

For more information please look at our slide that we present to delegators at our 2nd meet up on Welcoming 40 delegators event :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:
For this system then we will raise the pool parameter as shown on the picture below

With just a small amount of ADA set aside from pool margin will make the treasury grow compounding and will sustain the pool in the long run :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:


We reach 10’th block :star_struck: :mechanical_arm:
KAWAN will mint block for this 3 months ahead, this is a good news to delegators :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: