Introducing Melanie Dawn, Motorcycle and Yoga Enthusiast

I’m Melanie. I’m western Canadian, living state side due to relocation for hubby.

I found out, and started learning about, blockchain, cryptocurrency and this whole new world as I was seeking online work and kept seeing “blockchain”. I was really curious about whether or not this could be a new avenue of learning, growth, and then career path for me.

Once I started learning more, I came across an interview with Charles Hoskinson, and told my hubby about him/the interview. What got me hooked was WHO he is, Charles. Then began learning more about Cardano, Ada, IOHK, CF, blockchain, nodes, defi, dApps, cryptocurrency, etc. Wow. The technological uses/advances, the hugeness of it, the infinite possibilities, and the importance of internal culture creation are all amazing to me. Positive is good. Enthusiastic positivity, even better.

I enjoy riding my motorcycle -sometimes as lead, sometimes as follow- with my hubby. He rides Suzuki Hayabusa, I ride Harley Davidson Softail Slim (my bike is actually bigger than his but we don’t touch on that often - because his is definitely faster! haha :wink: Not many (if any) combos like ours are out on the roads. One of our best rides was 2 weeks in 2018 touring from CA to Grand Canyon, up through Bryce Canyon, Cedar City, Reno back west and down the Pacific Coast Hwy to stay in Cambria and rest up. Almost 5,000 km.
I am a lifelong Yogini, yoga practitioner, and an E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher.
My passion is peace within. I’m an anxious person, so yoga is a good fit to curb that; to think clearly, focus, feel content. I’m an empath, too, so much of life has been giving guidance via receiving guidance.

I am glad to have found Cardano, and this forum. I am learning a lot from all of you.
It seems similar somewhat to the work hubby does. The gas turbine world is global, but really, small enough that you eventually end up “knowing” everyone… like 3 or 4 degrees of separation, rather.

Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy, happy, motivated and … breathe deeply.



Hello and welcome to the community @MelanieDawn

Really nice to see we got some motocycle lovers out there in the community! I also love to drive motorcyle and i owned a Ducatti Monster 696 back then!

Feel free to ask any question in this forum if you wanna know anything.


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Thank you, Fabian … Ducatti! Still on the bucket list :smile:

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I only ride a 125cc Korean scooter, but I make the most of it :sunglasses:.
Not a real biker, but I can thread the needle, and in the metropolitan where I usually drive, the Ducatis and the Ninjas of this world struggle like chained beasts :tiger2: :gorilla:, such a shame.

Welcome to the forum @MelanieDawn!

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Welcome @MelanieDawn

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Hello and welcome to the forum @MelanieDawn

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@rin9s haha that’s awesome! Yes, there are times when something smaller is much more appropriate, you’re right. I have an 883 Sportster, too, that I call my chrome dirt bike :joy: Thank you for the welcome. :smile:

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@adatainment thank you for this warm welcome :blush:

@Andy_Hendrikx Hi Andy. Thanks so much for welcoming me. Learning and growing here. :smile:

Thanks for the introduction! Great to see your post thanks!

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@Donnybaseball Thank you so much :smile:

Thanks for introducing yourself to the community @MelanieDawn
It was both an energetic and a refreshing read. We all need to learn to be intentional about taking deep breaths.
I’m glad you found the blockchain industry, and here’s to unlimited possibilities.

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Thank you so much, @Victor_CF . Cheers! :smile: