Introducing MonedaCloud Stake Pool [MOC]

Dear Community,

MonedaCloud IO expects that digital currency will run our world and reshape our daily lives. Cardano is a blockchain platform with tremendous upside potential to become one of the most valuable digital ecosystems in the near future. Moreover, its technology is designed for the future of finance due to its Proof of Staking methodology, decentralized apps, and smart contracts capability. Therefore, we aim to provide outstanding support to Cardano investors by maintaining critical infrastructure secure and reliable starting at our pool. Furthermore, we understand that archiving a sound balance between security and performance is essential for the Cardano ecosystem. We believe that Cardano is positioned to be a long-term player in the Cryptocurrency world. We are pouring our technical knowledge, and resources into the success of our pool.

Our team has five decades of IT experience in programming, Web Development, Open Source technologies, and AI.


  1. Provide sound digital currency infrastructure to help connect the world.
  2. Support investors with curated tools and informed advice to help them on their cryptocurrency journey.
  3. Share our digital currency research and technical knowledge along the way to cryptocurrency communities and investors.


  • Combination of cloud deployments and dedicated bare-metal clusters.
  • Redundancy using multiple Relay systems.
  • Hardware specification exceeding recommended settings by Cardano.
  • Producer: 16-Core Node Producer, 20 GB RAM, NVME SSDs.
  • 2-Relays: 6-Cores 16 GB RAM, Cloud Hosted, and Dedicated Hybrid server.
  • Bare-metal cluster with two 1Gb Internet providers load balancing system. (Fiber and Copper)

We are offering additional rewards to our first ten delegates for the life of the pool as long as they qualify to participate in our TOP-10/5 Reward Program. Additional rewards to our qualified delegates means higher ROI. Check our website or contact us for more information.

Ticker: MOC
Pledge: 8000 ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Variable Fee: 1%
Pool ID: 64a4392e99179be25e27a31a6f9e3b31111d761e3d301a7e8f6e9d09
Location: USA, Miami