Introducing Nirvana [NIRV]

Hey, i’m Dario from Switzerland and I run the new Nirvana pool.

Ticker NIRV
Fixed fee 340
Variable fee 2%
Pledge 100K ADA
Pool ID / hashash 8f97ed3ad2b116019becc46ed3e18a02c2ec280d8d45803c1f592a2c


I’m in Switzerland, and the pool infrastructure is in Frankfurt and Amsterdam (Vultr datacenter)

Pool Infrastructure / Redundancy

The pool runs on a Cloud Computing instance, provided by Vultr. There are three instances, each are resourced at 4GB RAM, 2vCPU. I am running two relays, one in Frankfurt and the other in Amsterdam. The block-node is connected to those two relays with a privacy Network. Each relay-node ist connected to more than 6 other relay-nodes, that i got from 🚀 Cardano-Node Topology generator . The Instances are DDOS Protected and should have an estimated uptime of 99.9%.

Operator experience

I am an IT-Student, and will finisch my studies next year. I have expierence with operating Servers and Instances.

But this is my first time running and operating a Stakepool. So if there are improvment to my Setup or other new Stuff, just let me know.

Improvement that i am working on.

  • New website
  • Improvment to the twitter and Telegram


Feel free to reach out directly via Email / or Twitter, or jump into our Telegram and say hi.