Introducing Pool [TRUE] Don't Trust. Verify

Hello CardanoFam,

the one or other user in the community might know me, for all others who don’t know yet, you can read more about me in my Ambassador Story.

In the following I would like to introduce my pool to you. And hopefully motivate everyone else to run a pool to make the network more stable and secure.

Operator : Georg W. aka lodl_de
Website :

Name : Don’t Trust. Verify.
Ticker : TRUE
Pool ID: 0105449dd66524111349ef677d1ebc25247a5ba2d094913f52aa4db265eac03a

Tax fee : 0 ADA
Tax (%) : 2.7%
Tax cap: 0 ADA

Server Hardware : 32 CPU / 64GB RAM / 1TB SSD

The server is located in a Tier 3 data center in Munich, Germany, and it is dedicated hardware, not cloud resources. Direct connection to POPs INXS and DeCIX Muc 1, and multiple redundant backbones. We rely exclusively on branded products from Intel, Dell EMC, Brocade, Citrix and many other well-known brands.

100% green electricity supply from hydropower.

Many greetings from Bavaria!



This is great Georg, didn’t know you had a pool! Or maybe it’s new… Anyway, I would almost certainly give you my delegation, for a while at least, but Daedalus won’t play ball! I’ll keep trying though… :grin:

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Thanks a lot, this pool is new… he is running since this weekend.


Thanks to your advice I was able to fix Daedalus and change my delegation to your pool! :grin:

For those who don’t know, Georg has for a long time been a massive asset on Telegram. Also his tech knowledge and experience means he’ll be a great operator! Please show him some appreciation by delegating to his new pool LODL! :grinning: :grinning:


Thanks for your kind words, I am very pleased that you have delegated to my pool. Unfortunately the pool is currently still very small, which will hopefully change soon.

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Good business to you!

With reference to delegation wallet recovery and restart options, any tip for a 3rd choice?


Worked very well. Thank you very much! :+1:

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Wow people are really impatient…:frowning: A few days no rewards and they leave…


All the more for those who stay… :crossed_fingers: for later today… :grin:


Worked out - made my first Block today :partying_face:


Congratulations to Georg and his (other) delegators! :heart_eyes::grin:


We want to fight against #censorship and for more #privacy, we will use a large part of our pool revenues for this. If you want to support the idea, delegate to the pool #LODL

More Details very soon!

Don’t Trust. Verify. :sunglasses:


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Hi George

On a roll l!!! :). Could you explain how you support the Tor Network? How does one support Tor?

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A part of the pool rewards is used to provide Tor relays. Tor relays are the servers that Tor users can use to surf the web. We currently run a Tor Relay server in Paris (France) and another one is currently being set up in Nürnberg (Germany). Our long-term goal is to provide Tor Relays in Asia, but traffic in Asia is extremely expensive.

Currently the project is still in the test phase because we can’t predict if there will be problems with abuse messages.

Due to the regulations in Europe, we are currently limiting ourselves to entry guards and middle relays.



George needs a bit more stake love peeps :slight_smile: . So if you are looking for a new stakepool, join Ambassador George


We have changed the ticker name of our staking pool from [LODL] to [TRUE]. Our new website is also online , would be great to get some feedback.

Happy Staking and don’t forget to delegate to [TRUE].

Telegram :


#TRUE Pool says thanks to all of you, with your help we have delivered in the last 30 days 25 Terabyte of secure #TOR internet traffic around the globe! Decentralisation matters. You can do this too!


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