Introducing PREEB Pool [PREEB]”

Hello! My name is Aaron, and I’ve been running PREEB pool for almost a year now. I’m a single, small SPO looking for delegators.

  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee PREEB / 1000 / 340 / 1%
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Contact (if applicable)
  • Pool ID / hash 2873902b027727676630f3c9c63830183049b7e09998bd7b90114e13
  • Location USA, Chicagoland
  • Pool infrastructure Minimal hardware with Ubuntu server using gigabit internet
  • Operator experience I’ve been running this pool for almost a year. I started building computers when I was 15 and have been a software developer for the last 15 years. I have experience on medical equipment too, like MRI and CT machines. I used to manage a rack for an R&D program to remotely monitor that medical equipment. We used a gumstix computer with a web interface hooked up to flow meters for coolant, temp sensors and more.
  • Why should users check out your pool? So much is in the works right now.
  1. I’m working artists in a couple ways. I’m supporting small, upcoming artists by co-marketing with them. For instance, I’m going to market my pool at a large conference in Chicago this April. The cover of the 4x6 handout is designed by an artist to complement their work. On the back I’m splitting the space with them to advertise ourselves. Essentially I’m providing free advertising to artists. I’m also going to feature them on all my other marketing (social media, website, etc).
  2. I’m also working with an artist to create a reward system of NFTs for delegators. Delegate a minimum of 500 ADA for 10 epochs and you’re automatically qualified for an NFT drop. More NFTs available as you progress in staking time and amount.
  3. Long term I want to have dedicated areas for delegators that qualify for the NFTs. Exclusive content as well as physical swag.
  4. PREEB PREEB - Cardanoscan