Introducing [WISE] pool - additional delegators rewards + WISE coins

Hello Cardano community,

now it’s time to introduce myself: My name is Arthur and I am running my own stake pool for about 4 weeks now (Ticker: WISE).

I was made aware of this project by a colleague. Since that day I sleeping not that much :).

I am absolutely thrilled with what the Cardano Community has already achieved. The goals and visions are simply unique and I’m happy to be able to contribute my part.

As a small pool I am of course dependent on delegators and try to support them with honest goals:

Here you can get some more information:

Adapools: [WISE] WISE-POOL | Cardano Staking (

My first contribution to delegators: Cardano Epoch Price Viewer – WISE-POOL (

My blog: Cardano Blog – WISE-POOL (

Thanks for reading and hope you join us,



welcome aboard!

wish many blocks and delegators for you!

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Hello #Cardano #ADA #delegators: I’m starting a big offensive to attract my first delegators! A total of 50% of my pool rewards will be shared with potential delegators for 6 epochs!

Additional delegator rewards – WISE-POOL (

Start: NOW

How: Stake to WISE

Duration: 6 epochs

Some Updates:


Dear Cardano delegators,

today is the day! After much deliberation and wrongdoing, I have now decided to create and distribute the first WISE coins .
The first coins will go to my previous and loyal delegators who:

  • staked at least 1000 ADA
  • and staked at least 2 epochs at my pool

Of cource all new delegators also receive 10 WISE coins if you:

  1. stake min. 1000 ADA
  2. stay at least 2 epochs with my pool

Those are the only requirements ! This offer is valid as long as I still have ADAs and do not go broke or decide to end the promotion for the time being
(because every time the coins are sent to you, I also have to send around 1.5 ADAs as a kind of fee)

Now we come to the exciting and beautiful part – what can I do with the coins?
At the first step I will create a kind of marketplace on my website, where you can redeem the tokens for the following things:

  • Voting participation in the WISE pool for the next charity to which the pool rewards (part of it) will be donated
  • A lottery ticket for a win over 50 ADA
  • percentage increase in rewards for an epoch where a block was minted
  • maybe some more things like Spotify or Amazon gift cards

These are my first ideas for the WISE Coins. I would be very happy about your feedback and hope to give something back to you.
I’m already looking forward to the smart contracts, where the whole thing can be made even better and more professional.

Please note that this offer is free of any warranty and primarily serves to give you a little added value in connection with my pool.

I hope to spice up your “delegator life” a bit, as well as bring you a bit closer to the Cardano ecosystem! > Because that’s what counts and that’s also my mission with my pool!

I would be glad about a lively participation,

your WISE-Pool (Arthur)

Full post here: EARN WISE Coins – WISE-POOL (