Introducing [RAOOL] - Raspberry stakepool

It doesn’t work on my RasPi because it needs a 64-bit unix distro. I know the RasPi can run this kind of distro but it will lose performances because the Pi just has 4Gb of RAM.

It should run well on the latest Pi 4 released (8Gb)

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You could always cluster the RasPi, Welcome to the community Alessandro (@Alessandro) :vulcan_salute:

yeah, but my thoughts on this matter have changed quite vastly. will be sharing my thoughts in due time.

can’t wait!

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thanks @alessandro hope it’ll work :slight_smile:

Hey guys, good news. The the HTN works on Raspberry Pi 4 :slight_smile:
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 64 Bit and a cross-builded cabal 3.0 version for Aarch64.
I’m currently syncing a node. I will then register a stakepool and see if I’m able to generate blocks.


Good news.

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welldone @alessandro

Successfully minted blocks :slight_smile:.
As you see the Pi isn’t overwhelmed at all with the task. Just building and syncing the node took the Pi a little bit of effort.
Does someone know how to add the Pool vKey at ?
Pool Id: cf5091f38cb4821e582c6833aff9026383a5ac5ecb38bcc660e71860ead6a121


hi @alessandro
can you share the details of how you cross-builded cabal for the ras pi?
I just got my ras pi 4 and eager to try it out

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Hey, so basically you need Ubuntu 20.04.
You need to install the haskell-platform:

sudo apt install haskell-platform

now you have ghc8.6.5, but cabal2.4, then:

tar -xf cabal-install-
cd cabal-install-
cabal update
cabal install

This will generate a cabal 3.0 binary for aarch64. Now you need to remove the cabal2.4 from the PATH and add the cabal3.0 binary to .local/bin. The rest will be the same like building a normal node from source.
I will probably create some scripts and tutorials on my github.


@alessandro thanks a million alessandro. I’ll give it a try and let you guys know how it went. looking forward to the tutorial in github :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

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Hi @alessandro Do you confirm that HTN run smoothly on a RasPi 4 8Gb ?

Yes I don’t have any problems so far and it’s always in sync. I think the 4GB version could also work without problems.

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Thanks for your reply, that’s a really good news!

I’ll give it a try on mine.

Hi to all raspbians,

I have a pi4 4gb as well and i want to use it just for node. My question is…can i run 2 nodes on same Pi ?

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Hey I just created a new Post Guide Raspberry Pi 4 HTN Setup [Pi Pool]. I just created a guide to how to setup the HTN on Raspberry Pi. I hope it can help some of you.


thank you alessandro

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