Introducing [RISE] - A UK Based Cardano Stakepool - Lets Rise Together

Hello Everyone!

My Introduction:

I am from the UK and have been silently following the community for a few years. My entry point into all of this was youtube and some of videos by Charles. He has a way of getting across complex information about this space very persuasively.
I have a First Class Honours in Computer Science and work in the Data Science sector in the UK

My Pool:

Ticker: [RISE]
Pledge: 30,000 ADA - with a view to increase in a couple of months
Fixed Fee: 2%
Pool ID: 1e4f8dc9672d16131da6533287e32ea100b34d67543ff7c7358c7b5e

We are running in a cloud environment and each of our nodes consist of:

2 Intel Skylake CPUs
Linux Ubuntu 20.04
UK Based Datacenter
24/7 Monitoring For Performance & Uptime

Operator experience:
As mentioned above I have a solid technical background from ‘day job’ in the Data Science sector. I am proficient in Linux and have been polishing my knowledge of the Cardano-node / Cardano-CLI libraries.
Before going live I tested my approaches using the shelley test net. Now I feel ready to bring all of this into the mainnet.

Why should you stake to my pool?`
As a fairly small operator at the moment, watching you all in the community create stakepools and contributing to the network in whatever way inspired me to do the same. I believe in Cardano’s core themes in using advanced technology and science to provide a different view on the worlds financial core.
How will i standout?
The idea of [RISE] is no matter where you are in the world there are always opportunities to grow and conquer any of lifes challenges.
So in supporting this I want to use at least 20% of my profits to support good causes across the world. No matter how big or small these causes are! I want to be fully transparent with the community and will be doing financial breakdowns for this, so you know I mean what I say!
Eventually with the dawn of Goguen, I want to also venture out into the DAPPs space contribute to our shared visions of the ecosystem

Thank you

[RISE] - A UK Based Cardano Stakepool - Lets Rise Together

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Good luck to you!

Thank you @Cardano-420 much appeciated! :slight_smile:

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Good luck my friend

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Thank you @cezar.d