Introducing Stake Pool [SECUR]

SecureStaking Stake Pool (SECUR)
Hi All,

My name is René and together with my business partner Jake I operate a low cost, high secure stake pool SECUR. We are both independent contractors with a combined experience of over 30 years in the field if IT security, systems design and cloud architecture. Most of these years were spent in the financial industry.

Apart from that, we are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors (since 2014) and have been waiting for an opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem that fits our particular skillset.

We operate our stake pool on Amazon Web Services (AWS) on which we have broad experience and certifications professionally. The nodes are Dockerized and everything is set up Infrastructure-as-Code. This makes us highly secure, reliable, flexible and cost effective.

Our approach to the staking operation business is to reach saturation as quickly as possible. The higher the saturation point of our pool, the higher the rewards will be benefiting our stakeholders. This means that we are operating at cost, donating our time spent as our contribution to the community. The margin will therefore be kept at 0% at least until saturation is met. After that, we will increase the margin to a reasonable and very competitive level but not above 5%. We operate primarily because we like to do it.

The Details ;
Pool Name: SecureStaking
Ticker: SECUR
Pool Pledge: 500,000 ADA (750K after epoch 3)
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 0%
Pool ID: a10865dae2d543ee9f13e98bff70ea81565bb6e4343b15b765f78174

How to contact us or find out more ;

We hope to talk to you there.