Introducing ShareTheLoveLace(STLL) - A Pool run from Warm and Sunny Western Australia

Hi there! My name is Marc and I have been watching Cardano grow since mid 2017. I am a control systems/SCADA engineer working predominantly with micro-grids and battery systems. After being slightly frustrated by the lack of approachable and easy to understand staking rewards statistics I made a Cardano Staking Statistics Dashboard. I took a trial by fire couple of weeks to learn web development (AWS/Django/UWSGI/NGINX/HTML/JS/CSS) and deployed the tool in October. I then added CNFT viewing support - and was soon hooked onto tinkering in the Cardano Ecosystem.

Pledge: 6K ADA
FixedFee: 340ADA Minimum
VariableFee: 0.00%

PoolID: pool1qv785q9wx056p7ngq2ec3n86tj5kx0t3ygcug8zx3sknj038rsd

Location: Perth, Western Australia

2 Relay Nodes 1 Block Producer
AWS: 2 R6Gd.large instances
Contabo: 1 Medium Contabo VPS (6xCPUCores,16 GB RAM)

BP and Relay1 hosted on AWS Australia, Relay2 hopefully DDOS proofed in Germany.

Although new to operating a stake pool I am able to dedicate a lot of time to learning and am obsessive about optimisation and solving problems.

As a dog person I decided to use 5% of pool rewards to support local Dog Refuges.