Introducing Solidarity Pool for Social Justice [SOLID]

Hello everyone!

This is Kelly, Ryan, and James from Solidarity DeFi, an all volunteer project to build dapps and other solutions that provide individual returns while helping to fund social justice work around the world. We’ve been part of the Cardano community for a while but just launched our own pool to help fuel this work a few months ago.

  • Ticker:
  • Pledge:
    2,000 (25% of revenue pledged back into pool)
  • *Fixed Fee:
  • Website:
  • Contact:
    Twitter or Telegram
  • Pool ID / hash:
  • Location:
    Chicago, United States
  • Pool infrastructure:
    1 block producer (US), 2 relays (US and Germany) each with 2 core Intel CPUs @ 2.30GHz and 8GB of RAM.
  • Pool redundancy:
    Regular snapshots for quick redeployment on pre-configured server. Two completely separate data centers and networks. Monitored with automated alerts 24/7.
  • Operator experience:
    Our team has over 20 years of experience in DevOps and full stack development in Linux environments. In addition to our Cardano pool, we run 10-15 other servers at any given time.
  • Why should users check out your pool?:
    We’re a mission driven pool that supports projects around the world advocating for racial, economic, and gender justice. We aim to be fully transparent by publishing proof of our contributions on our website and relevant GitHub repositories. After covering our costs, our operator fees are split as follows:
    – 25%+ of revenue from operating fees is donated to projects advocating for economic, gender, and racial justice.
    – An additional 25% of revenue is pledged back into the pool.
    – The remaining 50% goes towards creating and deploying dApps that provide individual returns while funding the social justice movement.

This is just the start for Solidarity DeFi. We’re dreaming big and planning our next steps to further develop this project.

  • Our governance token will be airdropped to delegators later this year. We intend for it to be used for voting on which projects are funded and for overall governance.
  • We’re exploring the possibility of creating a stake pool DAO on Cardano that will automate governance, token distribution, and other rewards.
  • Yield farming and liquidity pools on multiple blockchains including Cardano.
  • More to come. :slight_smile:

As a small pool run by a volunteer team, your support means a lot and is a huge help. Thank you for considering staking with us as we work to change the world!