Introducing Solydar_1 [SOL_1]

Dear all,

we, Irina, Mirjam, Ruben and Matthias, are a family based group with connections to Bavaria (Germany), where we live, and to El Salvador.

Ticker: SOL_1
Pledge: 500 ADA (will be increased to at least 25 k ADA soon)
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Variable Fee: 1.5 %


Twitter: @SolydarOrg

PoolID: 9adbf9ce3c2da566017898c4871126f1371def427c6e245fd7c02211

We are located in Germany, Eggstätt

Pool infrastructure:

  • 1 Node, 2 Relays each with
    • 4 CPU Cores AMD EPYC™ 7702
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 320 GB SSD
  • Block propagation: 99.72% within 5s
    Additionaly, we are running a integration test environment in testnet (TIcker: [Wpo]) with currently 350 lifetime blocks.
    All Server-infrastructure and Front-End Equipment are running with renewable energy.

We are running a sustainable monitoring to get aware of technical problems. We have 2 Relays.
All activities, as updates, are being tested on our integrations environment first.

We have different It-skills, 2 of us on a professional level:
Ruben: currently working as a Test Engineer in Software Development
Matthias: More as 20 years as IT-Professional in a Bank-IT, among others responsible for Design and Run of critical IT-Infrastructure.

Our main goal is to establish a single pool with charity purposes to support the cardano network. For us, therefore it is important for us, to support also the non-technical and non-financial goals of the cardano ecosystem, as there are

  • decentralisation
  • web3 for currently underdeveloped parts of the world
  • democratic governance
    among others

As soon, as we generate profits, We aim to invest at least 50% of our profits for the support of social and ecological projects in el salvador and bavaria.

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On March 25th, 2022 we were adopted as block-leader for the first time.
Looking forward to more delegators to reach a more steady block production!