Introducing StakeLove Pool (from the creators of [ LOVE ]

StakeLove [LOVE]


My name is Mike and I’m the creator of PoolTool and the stakepool LOVE.

I’m reaching out to you because I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or really any other social network.

I’m an engineer, and I like building things. I built PoolTool as a service to the community, I contributed to CNTools that helps make life easier for hundreds of pool operators. And most importantly I’m helpful in the community.

By supporting StakeLove you get two huge benefits.

  1. You get a reliable pool on world class infrastructure with reasonable fees (3%).
  2. You support development of tools and platforms that help the community

The Details ;
Pool Name: StakeLove
Ticker: LOVE
Pool Pledge: 500,000 ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 3%
Pool ID: 95c4956f7a137f7fe9c72f2e831e6038744b6307d00143b2447e6443
Infrastructure: AWS platform with two relays and one block producer. Our nodes are based in Germany and Oregon.

How to contact us or find out more ;
Twitter: @PooltoolI
Telegram: @papacarp

Please reach out to me, I want to hear from you.


Love your work Mike! Godspeed!

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Hi my friend, I think the thought process for the name was in relation to ADA Lovelace :vulcan_salute:


Btw Mike your website is down right now…might want to have a look

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Hmm, i just checked and it seems ok. are you going to ?

I found the issue Mike.

Your website is only accessible with the www in the url

It is not accessible without it: try:

2020-08-03 13_04_12-Window

Yea, you need to use

People pay too much attention to tax, other factors are a lot more important.

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Here is my take on the fees thing…

What Cardano has created is a platform for businesses to profit from securing the blockchain. Its our job as pool operators, but more importantly, business owners, to build a profitable business from that. To the extent that we can be profitable will determine, ultimately, how many pools/entities are securing the blockchain. And the number of pools is directly related to how decentralized the platform is. Decentralization is critical to the success of Cardano, because where we are going will be very disruptive to the existing financial infrastructure of the world and there will be many entities that try to destroy it.


  1. Profit correlates to # of pools
  2. The number of pools correlates to decentralization
  3. Decentralization makes the network “indestructible”.

So then the question becomes what will it take to be profitable as a pool and I think nobody knows the answer to that question yet. We can estimate costs for our existing infrastructure, but the demands of the blockchain today may be far different than the demands coming up once we have smart contracts, tokens, and much higher transaction volume. I have made an estimate that my fees with a saturated pool will let my pool break even for the next few years at least, but every pool operator will have a different calculation for that.

So then back to you as an investor. If you focus only on finding the lowest possible pool fees then I think you are missing a huge opportunity. If you run the math the difference to you between a 1% pool and a 3% pool is almost nothing, but for operators it is a substantial difference (3x) that means operators can invest and grow, rather than fund their pool with their own cash and time. And with healthy pool operators we have a healthy network. And with a healthy network we can fulfill our vision of running the worlds financial infrastructure.

So I think the question is “what is worth more to you?”:

The appreciation of your ADA holdings as Cardano takes over the world financial systems, or making those last few Lovelaces every epoch.

Obviously you get to vote with your wallet, and my grand vision of where we are all going may not appeal to you and that’s fine. But I hope (at least for my investment in cardano) enough of the community is onboard with the broad vision, and wants to support pools that want to turn a profit AND give back to the community with time and energy. From my point of view the appreciation on the native asset will be worth far more than any differential in fees.


Ha, yea. Maybe i should have called it ACID or something to make it not so gay. It is a reference to ADA Lovelace. My other pools on the ITN were LIEBE and AIJOU (Love in German and Japanese respectively).

Anyway, you can call it gay. I really don’t care. My wife likes the name as do my kids and so far about 15M ADA. :grinning:


Please change your url in because that one is leading to

(Might be a good idea to force redirect the traffic from naked url to www)

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Can you please make it so that respects the user’s preferred light/dark color scheme instead of always defaulting to light?

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Amazing initiative! Would LOVE to contribute!

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Well you seem to be suggesting he’s a snowflake…


Dear @cardanotime.

Please get familiar with our Community Code of Conduct. We don’t like to see insults towards any members of our community.

You hereby have your first warning of not adhering to our rules and I hope we can see changed behaviour.

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any concerns.

Sending someone a virtual hug isn’t offensive, and it was a question not a statement, this is a question mark ‘?’ and this is and exclamation ‘!’

If I think someone needs a hug then I’ll send them one, how ridiculous taking offense by it, what’s the world coming to.

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Great information here! Thank you for sharing and good luck with your pool

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