Introducing [AAA]

AAA StakeLovelace Pools

The Stakelovelace Team was born from two successful operators who have formed a great relationship of mutual respect and trust during the ITN (Incentivized Testnet)

  • Michael from Bari (aka RedOracle): Italian Translator of Yoroi and Moderator of the Cardano Forum as well as being a Cyber ​​Security professional.
  • Greg - Australian of Russian origin (aka HomerJ), debugging guru and experienced software developer, mostly found lurking and posting memes in Cardano telegram channels related to SPOs and assisting with translation of into Russian.

Focused on technology and performance, motivated by common goals, we are both proud members of the private group of Guild Operators helping to develop community tools and debug the software developed by IOG before the official release.


We both share the purist philosophy of decentralization, in fact by choosing to put our collective resources together we have reduced the number of pools we had in the ITN (Incentivized Testnet) from 6 to 2 that we currently manage in the Mainnet.

Unfortunately, some of the pool operators do not share similar beliefs, creating multiple pools (more than 5 per operator) and leaving the smaller pools in difficulty or even in danger of closure (and yes, just like the rest of you we are all eagerly awaiting protocol level parameter changes from IOG on this front hopefully in the near future…).

Read this interesting article written by our dear colleague Markus - operator of CLIO1 stake pool

We aren’t big on adveritising / self-promoting and have been primarily focusing on ensuring we have a reliable finely tuned Cardano node setup that the delegators can count on for consistent results (well, only as consistent as slot lottery allows us to be, of course).

We strive to be very transparent (we provide summaries of leader slot assignments, produced blocks and outcomes of investigations into any mysteries) and easily accessible stake pool operators on social media for any questions or queries that fellow Cardano multiverse participants might have about us, staking process or pool operation.

Telegram groups (both delegators and fellow SPOs welcome!)

Our AAA Pools on Stakelovelace

You can also find us on

About our infrastructure

Without getting too specific, we have a server for each pool (including disaster recovery functions), and about 6 relay nodes to propagate our blocks, as well as a load balancer and a dedicated test server. We have set up a number of monitoring and alerting mechanisms and are keeping an eye for any warning signs across multiple timezones!

Our future goal, in addition to supporting the true decentralization of the network, is to develop applications based on the Cardano blockchain. We already have projects in the pipeline that we hope to release soon.


We’d like to thank all our delegators who have been following and supporting us for what seems like years now, and last but not least our colleagues in the Guild Operators group, without them we probably wouldn’t be here talking about it. Please consider supporting smaller pools of active contributors (e.g. from a list like this one) and avoiding oversized clusters.

Thank you very much and happy staking!


Welcome here. Thanks RedOracle for all the work you do for the community.