Introducing Staking Rocks! [PHRCK] - a stake pool based in Manila, Philippines

Greetings from Manila, Philippines! Nimrod here, a web developer and server admin since 2012. I’ve been maintaining our company’s web servers and developing apps for about 8 years now.

I’ve spent the last 2 months studying Cardano after a day-trading FB group I’m a member of, wouldn’t stop talking about it. I’ve fallen in love since then.

And with my tech background being perfect for operating a stake pool, here I am now. :blush: So let me tell you a bit about the stake pool we’ve put together:

Name: Staking_Rocks
Pool ID: 0cc4e441026e975f1cf048fcd3489c86424014dd34c244e268cb8095

Ticker: PHRCK
Margin: 0.95%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳

For high reliability, we run 3 geographically distributed servers located in Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney; Each with 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM.

All our nodes are in cloud computing datacenters with 40Gpbs network in and 1Gbps network out connections. We’re ready for heavy network traffic!


Last August, I’ve introduced our stake pool here. But since then, we’ve done a lot more work and introduced new incentive programs for our delegators, that I feel an update is necessary. :blush:

In addition to the above details of our pool - which haven’t changed - we now also run this monthly raffle where qualified delegators to our stake pool can join and get chances to win prizes.

A portion of our pool margins is now allocated as prizes for these monthly raffle draws. As our pool grows, so will the amount of these prizes and so will the number of winners to be drawn!

Full details of these monthly raffle draws can be found on this page:

This new program is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the long-term viability of our stake pool and to contribute in keeping the Cardano network decentralized. The only way we can keep operating our stake pool is with the support of our delegators.

And that is why in return of their support, we are giving them additional incentives on top of the staking rewards from the network itself.

Just posted a new article for delegators who are not yet so familiar of blockchains and why decentralization is very crucial.

Hello @nimrod

Thanks for participating on the forum, it’s always appreciated. :slight_smile:

Great to see you’re helping educate members of the community about decentralization. Please, could you open up a new topic in the Education section for this particular subject? This is best represented there. :+1:

Also, unfortunately status updates on stake increments/ROI and pool performance is seen as advertising/promotion.
In case you wish to join channels where this is allowed and much appreciated, please have a look here:

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Thanks for dropping by @Katsumoto. I’ll keep the promotion aside, going forward. It’s just a bit difficult to get new delegators… got to try to get attention wherever possible.

But yeah, I understand what you’re saying. Thanks for keeping some of this thread. :blush:

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Thanks and good luck Nimrod! You got this :mechanical_arm:

Yeah, really need lots of luck right now… and some of those CF delegations also! :grin: Hope our pool gets included next round.

Good to see new delegators coming from some saturated pools. Welcome to PHRCK everyone!

PHRCK nodes have been updated to v1.24.2 and have successfully produced valid new blocks. Ready to keep on rocking in Goguen era! :love_you_gesture:


We’ve just drawn the winner to our 2nd monthly delegators’ raffle draw at PHRCK!

Congrats to the owner of this wallet: addr1q80cflhjfzzgxl2k3dn45jjr2tntd65ud64dtj7lnw7tfh5ffpff3l6ere9a829p8rg4650m523kxl90swh20a2mgzgq7ahpqt

₳100 prize sent!

Join the next draw!

If you haven’t joined yet, be sure your wallet is included in our next month’s draw! See the details on [this page].