Introducing Staking Rocks! [PHRCK] - a stake pool based in Manila, Philippines

Greetings from Manila, Philippines! Nimrod here, a web developer and server admin since 2012. I’ve been maintaining our company’s web servers and developing apps for about 8 years now.

I’ve spent the last 2 months studying Cardano after a day-trading FB group I’m a member of, wouldn’t stop talking about it. I’ve fallen in love since then.

And with my tech background being perfect for operating a stake pool, here I am now. :blush: So let me tell you a bit about the stake pool we’ve put together:

Name: Staking_Rocks
Pool ID: 0cc4e441026e975f1cf048fcd3489c86424014dd34c244e268cb8095

Ticker: PHRCK
Margin: 0.95%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳

For high reliability, we run 3 geographically distributed servers located in Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney; Each with 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM.

All our nodes are in cloud computing datacenters with 40Gpbs network in and 1Gbps network out connections. We’re ready for heavy network traffic!