Introducing [YUGTO] Stake Pool - Serving the Philippines and Asia

Greeting Cardano Community!

We are YUGTO! A Cardano Stake pool based in Manila, Philippines. Our primary goal is to help grow the Cardano community with advocacy efforts and the creation and translation of educational assets in the greater Asian region with specific attention to South East Asia and the Philippines. Our international team is technically knowledgeable and reliable with an undying passion for Cardano and 3rd Gen Crypto.

We are non profit with 100% of our margin (2.95%) dedicated to the creation and translation of educational assets such as our Daedalus Tutorial ( which is currently being translated to Tagalog (Filipino) and Japanese.

We have a modest pledge of 120K ADA with plans to increase as soon as we are able.

Please check us out at, delegate at ticker YUGTO, and engage with us on twitter at @yugtopool.

We are so happy to be a part of the incredible Cardano community and hope to help grow it in Asia. Look forward to meeting you all!

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Thank you for the work you are doing! I hope your pool is successful!

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Thank you! Love your username!