Introducing [TIGR1] [TIGR2]: support the small pools stake with TIGR!

About Me:
30 years, living in Stuttgart (Germany), software developer by passion, several years of experience in running software. I became aware of Cardano in January 2021 and was convinced of the great potential, as well as the great community.I see Cardano as a long term investment and will reinvest all earnings as pledge. My goal is to run a stable and secure pool that people will want to join.

About Tigr:

When i first met Tigr i just knew that he is the one i need to run the pool
Say hello to Tigr - hes dealing with downtime management and security!

Pool and Ticker

TIGR1 / 5k pledge / 15k stake / 340 fee / 0.1% fee

TIGR2 / 5k pledge / 15k stake / 340 fee / 0.1% fee

Technology behind the Pools
Servers are hosted by german hoster Hetzner, which gives us low latency, fast connection and scalability.
We have a long term experience with that hoster and know it’s handling security, availability and reliability the way it’s necessary.

Two relays in different datacenters and geolocations are set up.
Both are internally connected (vlan) to the block node.
If one relay is down, the other guides you the way (UseCase: datacenter burns down).

Docker Container services enable automatic failover and isolation.
If the container does behaves not the right way, docker deals with it. (UseCase: Software runs into memory leak or crashed).

Docker Images are readonly, are minimal and are user only to reduce attack vectors.
(UseCase: Someone breaks into the container)

Firewall uses best practise settings to block small sized DDoS and stop malicious requests.
If a big sized DDoS is underway, Hetzner will be capable of stepping into also.
(UseCase: Someone tries to DDoS with hundreds of Computers, or tries to fake connections)

… and even more!

Tigr is there to provide you a state of the art pool and we really would love to see some delegations!

Why should you stake with us ?
Maybe because you like the Tigr.
Maybe because you want to support small pools.
Or just because you like what we do and how we do it! :grinning:

Visit us on our page:

Thank you for reading through our pool presentation.
We are looking forward to multiple years of Cardano and a successfull Cardano Community!

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Hi ,

congrats on your new stake pool. Hope that many people stake in your pool :+1:

Schönen Abend noch.

Hello @andreassosilo,

thank you a lot for the congratulations!.

I think most of Cardanians in the same position right now, and we need more smaller pools.
So yeah i fully agree - lets look forward to a lot of delegations :slight_smile:.

Wünsche dir ebenfalls viel Erfolg!

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