Introducing TOPO Pools [TOPO⚡] #topopool

  • TOPO⚡ / 29.0k / 340 / 0
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  • Pool ID / hash 9dda57fac3474adbe8b64be48aafeff6aa31f59909231f202b642d33
  • Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Pool infrastructure Geographically distributed relays, hosted in GCP with 99.99% uptime. All nodes built from source and professionally maintained with a focus on security and stability. Minimal attack surface and proactive monitoring. 4CPU, 8GB RAM, and SSD storage
  • Pool redundancy Dual relay setup in different datacenters with nightly snapshots to fire up new instances on the fly in case of downtime. As we continue to grow we will expand our network with more relays in different parts of the world to further ensure reliability and support the Cardano community
  • Operator experience 22 years working in IT for different companies around the world and my own consulting business for the past 8 years. Work everyday with Linux servers and networking, automating processes and optimizing resources is my life
  • Why should users check out your pool? I run a clean and honest operation, believe in the success of Cardano and the many possibilities that it will open for the entire world in the near future. I have seen over the past few years how governments play their people for their own agenda and firmly believe that the right blockchain can help improve the quality of life and economic independence for many people around the world.
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