Introducing Patagonia [PAT]: An Argentine Cardano stake pool

Hi all,
I’m Huemul, one of four operators of PAT. I’m a Security Engineer with interests in many areas, one of them being blockchain for several years now.
I’m here to introduce my Cardano stake pool to you all even though it’s been live for several months now with quite satisfying results :slight_smile:

We at PAT contribute to charity. It’s our way to interact with out community and share our rewards with the people around us. Up until now, we’ve been contributing to a charity which helps low-income women get access to micro-credits for their small business needs. The charity also has college scholarships for children of low-income families.

Pool Details

Pool infrastructure

  • Hardware: Virtualized 4-core, 8GB machines
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Internet speeds: 1Gbps
  • Other: Currently all nodes are located in a datacenter in Frankfurt Germany due to the low reliability there is in local ISPs. Once we can get a reliable ISP, we plan on migrating all machines to a location in Argentina.
  • Pool redundancy: 2 active relays and 1 active block producer node with an offline standby backup for each node. All pool private keys are kept in an encrypted air-gapped machine.
  • Operator experience: We have plenty of experience with critical production systems adminitration with a focus on reliability.

Why should users check out your pool?
Users might be interested in checking out PAT if they want to help us contribute to the charities we pick (or want to recommend one), help out further decentralize the Cardano network, and help us spread the benefits of crypto infrastructure, specially Cardano, in our region.

Please feel free to reach out to us any time.
Kind regards