Introducing [WPOOL]

Good morning all,

My name is soulhacler and I’m one of the owners/operator of Wolfpool.

History of
We used to run mining pools for various low cap coins such as BTCz, STRAKS, LOKI, and some token mining pools such as 0xBTC, 0xBCH and ATA. We also had the one and only mining pool for CryptoPepe.

We are IT professionals and between the Wolfpool team, we have over 25 years experience in this field.

We used to run a lot of GPU mining rigs during 2017/2018 but pretty much stopped mining late 2018.

I have been holding Cardano for over 2 years now and have been very impressed with what has been achieved so far. We now want to help support the network decentralization and stability with our own pool.

Ticker: WPOOL
Pledge: 100k
Fixed Fee: 340ADA
Fee: 3%

Pool ID / hash: 0ef51a2647859b6bbfecbaf044757922eb35d512a0fa151c400e7c36
Location: London, England