Introducing Woof Stake Pool [WOOF] - support animal well-being charities

Hey everyone,
This is Kurt - owner and operator of the Woof Pool. I am a long-time enthusiast of Cardano since 2017. I love their science-based approach to designing systems and their mission to change the world by pushing power to the edges. Setting up a staking pool feels like a great way to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem, and supporting a charity with my pool is important for me (see below for charity info). I’m also pursuing DApp development on Cardano, so I have been busy learning Haskell over the last few months and was part of the first cohort of the Plutus Pioneer program. I have been building software in my career for more than 20 years.

  • Ticker: WOOF / Pledge: 100K / Fixed Fee: 340 / Variable Fee: 1%

  • Website:

  • Contact:
    email:, twitter: extramileit2003, telegram : Telegram: Contact @WoofPool

  • Pool ID: c22942e1b855136643d1e6e5a75266fb891d87727a8cbf06acd17208

  • Location: Minnesota, USA

  • Pool Infrastructure
    2 relay x 1 Producer - each node runs on a hosted VPS instance. Each VPS instance has 8 CPU Cores, 30 GB RAM, 800 GB SSD storage, and 600 Megabit/second connection.

  • Pool Redundancy
    A 2 relay setup provides an extra peer connection to the block producer node. Each of the nodes exports Prometheus metrics to feed a Grafana dashboard with email alerting for nodes that have peer connection issues, etc. Communication from block producer to relay nodes uses Wireguard VPN for added security.

  • Operator Experience
    I have solid linux skills from years working in IT as a consultant and good knowledge of DevOps procedures. I am maintaining my own documentation for everything involved with set up and operation of the pool. I am detail oriented and organized. I plan to be an active member of the Cardano forum and Telegram group to stay current with SPO changes and best practices.

  • Why should you check out my pool?
    Besides knowing that I am committed to running a reliable, high-performance pool, my pool is mission-based. The pool will donate the variable fee/margin to the well-being of animals, specifically abandoned or mistreated companion animals. Pets are important to me and my wife and we love animals. I have picked two great charities based in the United States. The first one is Best Friends, which promotes a No-Kill mission and runs the largest animal sanctuary in the US. The 2nd one is ASPCA, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is the oldest humane society in the US and believes in protecting animal rights. Over the long-term, I plan to work with them to set up ADA Pay gateway or hold Cardano wallets, so that these organizations can become involved with Cardano in a meaningful way.

Thank you, Kurt


I have a few updates on WOOF pool:

Fee Changes
The fees have been dropped to the minimum possible including:

  • Fixed: 340 ADA
  • Variable margin: 0%

Delegates will receive the maximum reward possible.

Donation to charities
The donation to homeless animal charities will become 10% of total pool rewards. This allows the pool to make a bigger donation during the early stages, when the pool is getting started as compared to using the variable margin.

First block
WOOF got pretty lucky in Epoch 301 and minted its first block. At the current delegation level of 208K, the expected number of block rewards is 0.19 per epoch. So, about every 5 epochs on average, the pool stands a decent chance of minting a block.

Why delegate to WOOF

As the pool operator, I am committed to keeping the pool software/keys up to date and learning about optimal configuration to reduce missed slots.

I am also working on Cardano development initiatives, and I am an active member on the IOG Technical discord channel (user: extramileit). These initiatives are going to help grow development over time.

WOOF will make donations to homeless animal charities. The first charity to receive rewards will be Best Friends, who runs the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the US.

GitHub contributions

  • Recently, I added a setup guide for running a Cardano private testnet. Github: set up Cardano private-testnet. Two other people have started collaborating on this with me.
  • I am currently working on a new guide to write a simple DApp which uses Plutus Application Backend (PAB) services. This type of guide is badly needed imho.

Please consider supporting us with your delegation. If you have any questions, please reach out via this forum or twitter @extramileit2003.

Thank you,