Introduction and request for assistance

Hi all

I’ve been following Cardano and its progress for a while. Recently, I tried to contact Cardano by submitting a ‘General’ inquiry (on Cardano | Contact). It has been a week and I have not received a reply. I assume that the Cardano team probably has a backlog of all kinds of messages, so thought to look for a different avenue of communication :slight_smile:

I’m looking for collateral demonstrating the use case for Cardano in various nation states. I am particularly keen on any details on projects related to minimising or eliminating corruption. A specific scenario comes to mind:

A developing nation apparently requested Lee Kuan Yew from Singapore to assist them improve their country. After surveying the situation, Lee Kuan Yew said it was difficult to do, because officials in many government departments were corrupt and could not be relied on to perform their work competently. I don’t know the degree to which this story is correct but the narrative was interesting because generally, it is the politicians that are blamed for corruption.

Any collateral on how a Cardano based solution might solve the above problem would be really useful (e.g. PowerPoints, White Papers etc.). Ideally they would be understandable by a C level executive or member of parliament.

The ability to directly contact a member of the Cardano Foundation / IOHK / EMURGO with expertise in this area would also be helpful. There are a number of additional details that I’d like to talk through in a less public setting.