Introduction [BPRL] Black Pearl Stakepool

Hello everybody and nice to meet you!

My name is Oleg. I’m a Web Developer based in Ukraine. I’m also a main developer of Adapools mobile application which you can find in both GooglePlay and AppStore markets. I hope that someone uses this app on daily basis and I’m going to keep it updated based on people feedback. My pool was recently supported by IOG delegation (3.3m for three months) so I finally started producing blocks. I hope I’m here for a long term, really nice to meet with everyone. In my opinion Cardano community is the smartest one and the most healthy, so proud to be a part of that.

Name : Black Pearl Pool
Ticker / Pledge / Fixed fee / Variable fee: BPRL / 50k / 340 ADA (Minimum) / 1%

Pool ID : cc3bf31353e971540a284bb7da30cfaac4b0d4138e03bbdf85013eca
Location: Ukraine / USA (Cardano nodes)
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BlackPearlPoolChat

Pool infrastructure:
My cloud based infrastructure is easy expandable to any capacity. It’s only about 5-10 minutes to add more cores, RAM or increase SSD space. So that I try to keep nodes in reasonable capacity level to ensure that cost fees are fair keeping them as less as possible for pool delegators. I have applied all best practices in running cloud based applications to ensure the maximum security for pool while maintaining high performance for reasonable fees.
Current technical specs:
Block Producer: 2 Cores, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD
2 Relays: 2 Cores, 4GB RAM 64GB SSD (for each)
Note: will be increased on demand considering AWS capabilities

Operator experience:
I’m experienced developer and working as a Senior JavaScript Engineer in outsource company (Currently work as a team lead). I have enough skills to maintain Cardano node 24/7 delivering updates on time or increase pool capacity on demand.

Why should users check out BPRL?
Pool is running on AWS EC2 ecosystem, using all best practices in running cloud based applications. Supporting BPRL you also support Adapools Mobile App updates.


Thank you for the adapools mobile apps! I am using the android app regularly :heart:

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This company has no service. They do not reply to any comments. Tried on Twitter twice. I also reached out to them through “get in touch”. It’s been over a couple weeks still waiting for my rewards. Also, if you track their pledge it’s been cut down to 25k. Their luck is down to mid 80%. It seems after every epoch, it keeps getting worse. I’m going to pull out once, I get my first reward. Not worth it in my opinion due to lack of service. They don’t seem to care, even if they are apart of Adapools.

Their pledge is now down to 0. I pulled out. Waste of my time and money. I wouldn’t trust a stake pool that is at 0 dollars pledged. I STILL have not heard back from them.

Come to my pool and we can chat 18/24 hours :slight_smile:

Sorry, already staked earlier this morning. Thanks though. :+1:

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