Invalid Payment Address

I have made it to the end of step 10 on Coincashews’ walkthrough but am unable to fund my address via Yoroi because it tells me the address is invalid. I did not do the mnemonic method.

I waited overnight to give it time to sync but no luck yet.

Do I need to copy the payment.vkey and skey to block producer as well? Or did I miss something simple?

To which address are u trying to send ADA from yoroi?

The payment.addr that is generated by

cardano-cli address build
–payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey
–stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey
–out-file payment.addr

cat payment.addr

Yes, I can cat the address and have moved the payment.addr file from cold to hot.


When I put the address in Yoroi, it complains that the address is invalid.

Searching for the generated address on gives no results…

Not sure what I’ve done wrong.

Please check if you copied the address correctly, there seems to be 1 character missing.

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Left a “p” off the end of the picture

It has 102 characters… and should have 103

Yeah… I did forget to copy a “p” for the post

The payment.addr I have does have 103 though.

Then paste the complete address on yoroi… if it has 103 characters should work to receive ADA… but first wait for the node to be 100% synced

Will the address not show not show on explorer?

Well. Sheepishly, I also omitted the p from my Yoroi copy/paste.

Too many laptops…