Staking pool payment address is invalid according to Daedalus

I may be doing this incorrectly so I’m looking to see what others have done or do.

I configured a cardano-node pool, setup the keys, etc…
Followed Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

I got to the part where I create a payment key for the pool.
The doc says to fund that address.
So I whip out Daedalus mainnet and attempt to send funds to the address.
Straight away Daedalus tells me it’s an invalid address.

So did I create the payment address incorrectly or miss a step?


I ran cardano-node query utxo --address (pool payment address) --mainnet and it didn’t complain that the address was invalid. Of course it didn’t return an account balance because I have yet to transfer funds to it.

So you did this step, and used the output to attempt to send funds to the payment.addr address you get when you do cat payment.addr?

### On air-gapped offline machine,
cardano-cli address build \
    --payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey \
    --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
    --out-file payment.addr \

I attempted to send funds from my Daedalus wallet to the address contained in the payment.addr file.

Daedalus wallet said it was an invalid address.

Make sure you didn’t copy/paste any spaces or additional characters? Should be addr1…and be about 103 characters long I think?

It was a literal copy and paste, no spaces, etc…
Like I said I used the same address when checking the balance via cardano-cli and it didn’t complain about the address. Copy the same to send from Daedalus wallet and it doesn’t like the address.

When does that payment address become a real address on the block chain?
Is there a way to check to verify the payment address is valid?

Well, I just checked again and now it’s working.
It must take a specific period of time for the blockchain to become aware of the payment address.

Seems like it took at least 2 to 4 hours.
If I do this again at some point I’ll stop watch it.

Maybe your downloaded blockchain data was behind by 2 hours. If your full node copy of the blockchain was behind the time when the address was created/used it would not have shown it most likely…although invalid would be more like if the copy/paste included whitespace, which can happen. I’ve had it happen a lot with various wallets, learned to do a text copy rather than rely on their javascript “copy” button.

The chain was 100% synced on the node and the wallet. I had funds in the wallet for a few days before I attempted to send funds to the pool payment address.

There must be a delay before the cardano-node service can register the new payment address on the block chain or before it’s validated, etc…

Do we know if there is any Cardano sourced information about what the process is after a payment address is created? To understand what happens when one is created? This would likely answer exactly what is happening.

Hmm, the way I was actually thinking of it was that maybe Daedalus didn’t “know” about the address’s balance yet, and that the address technically already exists matematically (that’s why I say created/used…because if I understand it right it isn’t really created necessarily)…but I may be mistaken or crossing my understanding of other blockchains or tech lol. My current understanding is that it looks for use of an address, not existence per se.

Ya, evidence suggests that the wallet didn’t know about it. So that leads me to wonder why and I suspect it has to do with how/when cardano-node tells the block chain about the new payment address. I suspect there is some sort of verification process that happens which is likely the delay. I have no idea because I haven’t found any Cardano/IOHK documentation explaining what happens at that level.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal since it started working after a few hours, etc…