Is Crypto gaining ground again?

These couple of days most Altcoins seem to be regaining value. Is it just a phase or the beginning of an era?

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I’ll tell you next year! :grinning:

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Probably I would find out myself by then :wink:

Too early to say :confused:

If your all in, your hoping its gaining ground about the sky rocket :slight_smile:
If your still looking to get in and add to what you already have, you definitely are wishing it is just a phase :slight_smile:

Its hard to tell…one can only give you a well educated guess!

that being said…does anyone think one way or the other?

I hold Cardano, XRP and hold & mine Bitcoins. I am hoping for a new era as well as a phase, cos I don’t mind buying more Cardano. I also own a Property advertising website & today I read this interesting article. And this is a NEW ERA for sure!

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It was def a phase!!!

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